August 20 2014

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A Bark To Soothe The High Heel Bite


Do your feet hurt? Chances are, after a few seasons walking around in platform-wedge- sandal-bootie-skyscrapers, they do. And now it’s time to give those dogs a break. That’s the thinking behind the debut shoe line Newbark. Launching tomorrow exclusively at Net-a-Porter, the Newbark is pretty much the ultimate slipper for padding around town. “It’s a one-item line,” explains Maryam Malakpour, who conceived and designed the Newbark with her sister and fellow stylist Marjan. “That felt like the cool thing to do—one item that was functional, subtle, and unpretentious. Classic, in a new way.” Handmade in Los Angeles, the $350 slipper comes in super-soft matte, metallic, and perforated leather in a range of colors. New shades and leather treatments will be added in future seasons. But the goal, according to the Malakpour sisters, who have worked with everyone from Heidi Klum to Karen O., is to keep the single style relatively unchanged. “It’s always a shame when you love something to death, and then you can’t find it anymore,” notes Maryam. “Maybe eventually we’ll branch out into canvas.”



  1. opinion says:

    Impossible style, unless you are planning a remake of the movie ‘The Thief of Bagdad’.

  2. BigforkMuse says:

    Hmm- they look suspiciously like the “classic” Aerosoles you can get for $30 in matte and metallic perforated leathers…Far to granny for this granny. Maybe if I were 16 and Ironic. But then, I’d not have the $350 to spend on a “slipper.”

  3. hureharehure says:

    These look like Toms, which in turn look a lot like espadrilles. And the price pretty much guarantees that the only people wearing them will be matronly (or aspiring-matronly) uptown types. Cool girls will pay $350 for great shoes but not for slippers.

  4. sophiejoon says:

    These are way better than Tom’s. actually, why compare?
    and by the way, it is good news that they are not for everyone! I love them!

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