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Blasblog From L.A.: Milla Jovovich Makes A Nice Bride


I just love a wedding. Maybe it’s because I never had a sister marry off, or because all of my aunts were married (and in one case, already divorced many times over) by the time I entered adulthood, but I’ve always been strangely up for any sort of nuptials, from quaint services back home in Missouri to themed destination weddings to more lavish affairs in New York. This weekend in L.A., however, I attended the most perfect intimate ceremony ever when the director Paul W.S. Anderson married his fiancée of six years, my friend, the actress/model/designer Milla Jovovich, with their two-year-old daughter Ever Gabo as flower girl. Held on the upper tier of the patio of the couple’s Beverly Hills home, the wedding was small (50 people), endearing (lots of tears from both his English family and her Eastern European relatives), poignant (the highlight of the brief ceremony was when bride and groom read personally written vows), and at times funny (Mr. Anderson cleverly had his best man hold his speech while the Mrs. had to tuck it into her bouquet, joking, “I do all my own stunts”). But enough of the sentimental stuff and on to something important: the dress. Although the beautiful bride had discussed wearing a short, hippie-esque dress of her own creation, she was ultimately persuaded to do a more traditional Temperley London long white column, sleeveless and with draped shoulders. After dinner, though, she did break out the sixties-inspired mini, which she created with her fellow former Jovovich-Hawk designer, Carmen Hawk, out of vintage fabric the duo found in Paris that had originally been commissioned by none other than Coco Chanel. Who doesn’t want to squeeze as many looks as possible into their special day?



  1. isisandosirus says:

    Good for her! I love Milla Jovovich. Love Her!! I think I’m one of the few ppl that has her cd from around 94.

  2. jessiekthompson says:

    Great, now I can never get married. Talk about a gorgeous bride and a gorgeous wedding!

  3. JohnAgee says:

    My God, she’s a tragic piece of work.

  4. Serg_Riva says:

    Blasberg = awesome. Great post


  5. trumar1 says:

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  7. nickswife says:

    hey1 congartulations with your new husband paul…

    wish you have more babies to come..hah just kiddin’ ahmm..
    i was hopin’ to see you in resident evil: afterlife..


  8. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! :)

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