August 27 2014

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Blasblog: Jon Hamm Lets Me In On His Fashion Secrets


I like Jon Hamm for several reasons: One, obviously, is the hit TV show that he stars in, Mad Men, which glorifies those lovely be-suited 1960′s hunks. The other is that, like me, he grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, sporting head-to-toe prep gear (Gap khakis for him, Banana Republic V-neck sweaters for me). Only later in life, when he went west and I came east, did we discover the joys of three-piece suits, girls in tight pencil skirts, and fashion. As he told me at last night’s Banana Republic-hosted (how appropriate?) screening of the first episode of the show’s third season, which debuts on AMC on August 16, he drove himself to L.A. in 1995 with only $150 in his pocket and a dream in his eye. (I, on the other hand, had Bill and Carol Blasberg driving me to NYU in 2000 in a rowdy, overly stuffed Suburban.) Playing Don Draper has given him exposure to a skill he never learned interning in St. Louis or toiling as a struggling actor in L.A.: “I definitely dress more savvily now, and I pay more attention to detail,” he said. “I didn’t think of it as a part of the show in the beginning—I was just drawn to the script at first—so it’s surprising that the fashion has become such a big element. And all the attention paid to it is a wonderful compliment.” Hamm was on the circuit last night, swinging by the screening for just a few minutes during cocktail hour after filming the Jimmy Fallon show and before another commitment. But he did manage to explain that no matter how many suits he puts on, he still retains one style rule from our hometown: “If it’s comfortable, I’ll wear it. That’s a lesson I learned in St. Louis.”

Photo: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images



  1. ghulam says:

    John Hamm is also popular due to his dressing, suits and because of his tv shows.

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