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Charlotte Ronson Fires Up The Grill


“I figured a barbecue was a good way to celebrate the end of summer,” Charlotte Ronson explained at her blowout fête at the Chelsea Piers last night. Given the heat index, the event didn’t much feel like a last hurrah. What with the fried chicken, burgers, cotton candy, and ice cream on offer, the party, given in honor of the I Heart Ronson Fall collection for JCPenney, came off more like a conspicuously haute state fair. One where Champagne is served instead of pork rinds, and where guests are invited to take home, say, a body-con top with cutouts, rather than check out the latest in ag technology. Nevertheless, Fall was definitely in the air: Ronson admitted that she’s been burning the midnight oil prepping for fashion week, and Chris Benz made the scene along with buddy Eva Amurri, despite similar preoccupations. Inside, Byrdie Bell, Fabiola Beracasa, and Jennifer Creel awaited. (Socials! In the city! In August!) And of course, the full complement of Ronsons turned up—Sam and Mark worked the decks, Ann Dexter-Jones worked the crowd. And for what it’s worth, Cintra Wilson: Despite the Penney’s imprimatur, pretty much everyone in attendance was fashionably slender. Then again, what with all the fried chicken and ice cream, maybe the department store is trying to fatten us New Yorkers up.

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images



  1. Valerio says:

    I’m always pleased to hear something about Charlotte. Once I was in her store in Mulberry street, and she was very amaible and kind. She grew up in a rich family but is very humble in her attitude. I liked her at once, only her designs are not quite the ones I prefer. Just as the pic you showed us Maya, I wonder if she ever will show her collection at the NYCFW. I have the schedule but I didn’t see her name on the lists. Maybe I’m overlooking some names, but I still hope that one day she will bring out a more RTW collection then she now design. By the way is she still friends with Shoshanna and Sophomore? that could be a great cooperation between them. Arriverderci

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