August 28 2014

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Coco Would Be Proud


As some of you may recall, after seeing a preview screening of Coco Avant Chanel, I sent the call far and wide for a pair of white silk, navy-trimmed men’s pajamas like the pair Audrey Tautou, playing Chanel, wears in the film. Thus far, I have no leads. I have, however, found out two things, both good to know: 1) Apparently, most men these days sleep in their briefs, at least judging by the great diminishment in department-store real estate dedicated to natty sleepwear; 2) Araks is launching an organic range of sleepwear, which includes, in its debut, a pair of white cotton-batiste pajamas trimmed in cotton twill that, although different from my Coco pajamas, serve the look just as well. The pajamas also come in navy, and designer Araks Yeramyan assures me that white-with-navy trim is doable, provided there’s demand. So here’s a new call far and wide: Get demanding.



  1. AgentofArt says:

    yes, sche would be!

  2. fashionpicks says:

    Does anyone still sleep in their pjs?

    P Adhikari

  3. opinion says:

    Try the one in ivory with black trimmings at (not the exact same, but close).

  4. lrmcclintock says:

    I am getting
    demanding” and I thank you very much for this blog!

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