August 30 2014

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DJ-Turned-Designer Mandy Coon Prepares Edgy Debut


New York nightlifers may know Mandy Coon as one half of the DJ duo Two Mandy DJs. Those who meet the pixie-ish Coon during daytime hours, however, have probably figured out that she has a foothold in the fashion world as well; among other gigs, she’s played design helpmeet to Camilla Stærk. Now Coon is going solo—style-wise, at least. Coon is launching a new label for Spring ’10 and unveiling the eponymous line at a presentation at New York fashion week. “I know you’re not supposed to say this, but honestly, I’m making the clothes I want to wear,” she explains. Fine by us, inasmuch as the clothes Coon is stitching up include geometric layered jersey jumpsuits and tops, a zipped fitted dress that converts into a jacket and skirt, and sculptural dresses ruffled in distressed leather. “It’s not a soft ruffle,” she notes. “I was looking at pictures of crystal when I started the collection, and I’m trying to achieve that same kind of jagged quality.” Her own wardrobe preferences aside, Coon has made the odd concession to the girl who’s not quite ready to wear an abbreviated, tiger-striped smock that floats off the body like meringue. “That’s a lot of volume for an animal print,” she says with a laugh. “Which I’m into, but maybe some other people would rather have an oversized tee in that print. Anyway,” Coon adds, “I’d wear that, too.”

Photo: Courtesy of Mandy Coon



  1. isisandosirus says:

    wow… that’s actually kinda cute… in a 2060 way

  2. Valerio says:

    I don’t spent any word anymore about celebs or other wellknown people without any education on Parsons, FIT or Marangoni, who think they can design. It’s actually hilarious that everyone thinks he/she can design a collection. But okay I leave them with their personal dream and hope they will be happy and after the adventure they will go broke. That’s the ordeal of most of the amatuer designers. But anyway thanks for this article Maya. Have a nice weekend buenas tardes and ciao

  3. werewolf says:

    Valerio! What a hater! I suppose I must tell you that Mandy went to FIT! And has interned for years and put her time in. SO there! Save your negativity for yourself!

  4. prettythings says:

    @ valerio, are you serious? i may have a $160,000 education, but that doesn’t necessarily make me better than someone else out there who didn’t go to FIT or Parsons, or any well known design school for that matter. an art/trade like fashion can be learned from first hand experience, which honestly seems to be more important when you’re looking for a design job anyway.

  5. fashionpicks says:

    With so many celebs jumping the designer bandwagon it only means that either they are employing “real” designers (design school educated) behind the scene to work for them or that the people who slog for 4 years at the design school are no gooders! You decide…

    P Adhikari

  6. Valerio says:

    No prettythings, I wasn’t that serious at all. But I become a little sick and tired of all the celebs or whatever famous person who feel the need to bring hers/his collection/line on the market. Of course there are some good ones, but most of them are bringing no innovation or a piece of what I can say Woow this is extraordinary. And fashionpicks you’re right a lot of ghost designers (which are graduated from a fashion institute) are working for the socalled celeb designers. And I don’t have to decide anything they are most of the time lesser good then for example Alexander Wang etc. They earn their money but that’s all, most of them would never reach the high level of a Marc Jacobs or Ralph Lauren etc. Ciao

  7. bethbuccini says:

    The 2 Mandys are DJ-ing at Kirna Zabete for FNO! Hopefully they’ll be wearing clothes from the new line.

  8. MariahGary says:

    @Valerio that comment is totally ignorant but I would expect nothing less judging from your grammar.

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