August 30 2014

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High Street Showdown?


It wasn’t coffee that jolted me awake this morning but an e-mail with the new Mango campaign starring Scarlett Johansson. There she was in all her blonde glory, sprawled out on a (very questionable) floral couch in a sweater and ripped nylons (which seem to be as trendy as ripped jeans and just as tacky). I thought I was having déjà vu, because just last night I had been ogling Great Kate’s new images for her Topshop line. There she was in all her blonde glory sprawled out in a sweater and ripped nylons. Is Scarlett Kate’s mini me? Tell us what you think about this double vision.

Photos: Courtesy of Topshop; Courtesy of Mango



  1. jphoto says:

    I had to look REALLY hard at the two photos; what gave Kates away was the amount of retouching but other than that you can’t tell them apart

  2. opinion says:

    they both don’t look like themselves, maybe that’s why they look alike… (and thanks, I SO agree with you on the tackiness of ripped whatever!)

  3. Steffii says:

    Kate looks better.

  4. oshae says:

    Kate and Scarlett are both utterly gorgeous, given. When it comes down to comparing these two photos, I believe Kate is stealing the gold. Both matching in “blonde glory” and ripped tights, the girls make a completely different statement. To me – Kate is the extreme, first rate, above and beyond… Scarlett is more commercialized and “trendy.” All true fashion leaders know “trendy” is not necessarily a good thing. But her lightly torn nylons, zebra print tee, and last season’s over sized sweater could land her a spot in the JcPenny Catalog.

    Foxy face, Kate.

    -Oshae Cohen

  5. Valerio says:

    I prefer Kate above Scarlett, just because Kate is a model and Scarlett is a starlett. I know the policy behind the use of actresses as a model, but it’s always heartbreaking that young models didn’t get the chance to do the same ads as Drew or whoever does. Kate almost 20 years in the model/fashion industry has it better then the models of today. They have to fight, that means their agencies, for every inch of fame. Okay the better ones will come forward, but the competition between models is hard, so it’s even harder when actresses or whatever celeb “steal” their job away. Ciao

  6. nic_chic says:

    Wow. Veryyy strange. Imitation is the truest form of flattery, but I wonder if this was the case? If the Mango camp didn’t do this on purpose then it must be one of those phenomenons, like the pop art movement, where they thought the same thing at virtually the same time.

    As for Scarlett modeling… She probably got this job because of Penelope Cruz, her former costar, who is behind Mango. So I’m sure this is less stealing a job from models than it is her doing her friend a favor. But you do have a point Valerio…

  7. brodub says:

    Scarlett may wish against all odds that she will one day compare with Kate, but this is naught but a poor attempt to reach her level.

  8. kellystyle29 says:

    I love the hose and the all over look of these photos

  9. yanaz says:

    to be blond as Kate is better for Scarlett than to be brown as herself ) But the best way is to stay with Dolce Gabbana make up than to go to Mango. Scarlett’s shape is not so easy-fitted)))) as Kate’s fit. So i like Kate’s ripped nylons more

  10. BFrances says:

    Tacky, 80ties revival. What happened to original designers?

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