August 30 2014

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It’s All In The Wrist


About a month ago, I was out on one of my top-secret ops, and the dental floss I was using to rappel out of a skyscraper gave out about 15 feet short of the sidewalk. Long story short, I fractured my right wrist. Badly. Part of life as a super-spy, I know, but given that I maintain a cover as a fashion journalist, the injury presented something of a predicament: To use the technical language, my cast was hella ugly. I mean—scrubs blue, why? I was already pondering ways I could make my gimp wrist into a cool fashion accessory when I happened to run into the stylist Lauren Goodman at a party. She, too, had fractured her right wrist! (A boating accident, she said, but I’ve long suspected that Lauren works for one of my nemesis organizations, and so I doubt that story.) Moreover, Lauren had likewise been brainstorming ideas for fabbing up her cast. Obviously, we were going to have to have a Cast Off. Obviously. This past week, both Agent Goodman and I retreated to our secret hideouts to strategize—Lauren attended by Fenton/Fallon designer Dana Lorenz, me with Nina Stotler, whose Von Kottwitz jewelry line I’ve written about for this site. Lauren’s results will have to speak for themselves—she’s off doing covert-type things in Europe now—but I have to admit, she and Dana have turned the cherry Slurpee tone of her cast to their advantage, going whole hog for color. As for Nina, she spray-painted my cast matte white, and had envisaged covering it in stripes of bolts, chain, and surgical tubing; a little Bauhaus, a little Christophe Decarnin for Balmain. It soon became clear that my cast was going to weigh a million pounds if we followed through on that design, so a double-bracelet-with-spine concept was improvised instead. Now it’s your turn: Write in with your vote for the better cast, and remember, the fate of the free world hangs in the balance.



  1. juliaawilson says:

    They both look great, but I vote for yours Maya!!

  2. sdavenport says:

    Loving the bolts and chain!! Maya’s for sure…

  3. courtneyignelzi says:

    Love the bolts and chains..I vote for Nina!

  4. cmannatt says:

    I definitely have to go with Von-K on this. The other one is a bit, er, well, I can’t really tell what happened, but she is rocking it the best she can.

  5. aringo says:

    I’ve gotta give it up to Ms. Stotler – her design has a nice tough industrial edge to it – like the cast could possibly double as a weapon.

  6. courtneyignelzi says:

    Love the bolts and chains…I vote for Nina!

  7. jessicasuzanne says:

    everyone in my office loves lauren & her M.J. cast!! <3 she rocks and that jacket is hot too!

  8. ehhhahhh says:

    For me, it’s cherry red all the way…broken bones are def having a moment! Love Goodman’s dennie jacket, too.

  9. CheveuxFabuleux says:

    Without question – Lauren’s! Herve Leger has nothing on that wrap.

  10. tsc02 says:

    I vote for the pink one. Compliments the denim and broadcasts ferocious personality flair perfectly.

  11. IShaw says:

    My vote is for Lauren Goodman! Davinci’s Sistine Chapel, Goodman’s right wrist.

  12. Lashley says:

    It’s gotta be the von kottwitz one – I love it!

  13. Lashley says:

    I love the von kottwitz one w/o a doubt!

  14. lrndme says:

    love the pink jeweled one!! the hardware store white one needs more…something.

  15. flightofthedreamer says:

    Yours for sure. LG’s reminds me of tetris, the disco edition.

  16. lrndme says:

    love the pink jeweled one!

  17. kyleyoga says:

    LG all day!!!

  18. barbwire says:

    no contest – lauren’s!

  19. henriettak says:

    I LOVE lauren’s. colours are so good and those stones look like a game of tetrus. x

  20. r1ft says:

    Lauren f0r sure…

  21. aliforbes says:

    lauren’s red wins. a cast is not subtle -owning red, 80′s and the injury is beyond chic….

  22. kdgirlie says:

    It’s a serious toss-up! Both of these ladies have wicked style clearly….but it is summer and LG with her bold colors wins in my book.

  23. k8hardy says:

    I vote Goodman/Lorenz for the color, flair, and dazzle. It’s fun, the other one is trying to hard- and they couldn’t even finish. Lame.

  24. andreabwalker says:

    Mmm it’s a tough call. But if I broke my wrist I would want it to look blinged-out like Lauren’s.

  25. drew66 says:

    lauren’s is chic, fun, and perfectly lauren. love it.

  26. stylesource says:

    Have to go with Lauren and Dana on this one!

  27. mollycrabapple says:

    Von Kottwitz all the way. Sleek and badass. Makes me wish I had a wrist cast of my own

  28. jayneharkness says:

    I vote for Lauren… cool and happy…xox

  29. sgc7 says:

    It is all in the wrist and I adore the red cast, agent Goodman dazzles me.

  30. goldagirl says:

    Goodman’s absolutely! Bumper cars, city of lights, classic rock. Great call on the M.J. homage.

  31. voguekid says:

    I think its the ugliest thing Ive ever seen since the eighties!! why cover the hands and wrist when they’re so flatering? despite the fact its not very hygenically.

  32. AnaFinelHonigman says:

    Nuts and Bolts! Von-K always!

  33. fashionpicks says:

    thumbs up to Maya, that hardware encircling the wrists wow such a welcome change from the usual graffiti scribbled casts one tends to see!!Maya blame yourself, if you see girls throwing themselves down the stairs!!

    P Adhikari

  34. babyd1 says:

    Lauren’s of course!!!!

  35. sgc7 says:

    LG’s all the way Love that MJ cast, good choice Lauren!

  36. rmgoodman70 says:

    Red HOT! Lauren rocks the wrist!

  37. kaybklyn says:

    I vote for Lauren’s look! If a girl has to wear a cast she should go for color and this combo. platter of crystals and chains is the thing.

  38. FENTON says:

    I’m not going to vote, but as the designer of Lauren’s cast I believe I can speak on her behalf. Inspiration: Anna Wintour’s debut Vogue cover with the jeweled Christian Lacroix top with shredded jeans. If anyone asks what comes to mind when I think of iconic Vogue- it’s that cover. It marked the beginning of high-low and I feel that cover truly references the mood right now.

  39. hessa says:

    love Lauren’s .. !

  40. burgergirl says:

    Go Nina– very tragic robot. If they remake Blade Runner, I hope the call on Von Kottwitz.

  41. sgc7 says:

    Lauren,Wonderful cast!!!

  42. sneakypeek13 says:

    the pink one!!- I’m gonna jewel a jean jacket just like it! (no cast here- knock wood…)

  43. p_ochs says:

    i’m feeling the color. summer fruit and penny candy. that’s yum LG.

  44. sharpseaglass says:

    i’d be afraid of hitting myself in the face at night with the bolts one, and since i basically only wear black and white, id want the pink for contrast.

  45. rockrachy says:

    Oh, I choose Maya’s. It LOOKS like an accessory!! Well done.

  46. d4gers says:

    candy colored sparkles win!
    Vivre LaCroix! (and Lauren’s wrist!)

  47. lemnada says:

    Think Pink! I’m all for Lauren’s.

  48. newkie says:

    Love them both, but I’m going for Lauren’s: hot colors look divine for the summertime.

  49. ladylongo says:

    Definitely Lauren’s is the winner, and with that pose…

  50. jbismuth says:

    I have to vote for Lauren Goodman’s cast. Maya Singer’s hardware store/dispensary aesthetic is a pretty grim. Goodman’s design is like a pink, jewel-studded light saber.

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