July 30 2014

styledotcom Our five favorite braids this summer:

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Maggie For Dries?


We hear that Maggie Gyllenhaal will present Dries Van Noten with his award at the Couture Council of the Museum at FIT luncheon next month, which kicks off New York fashion week. The actress has worn Dries on the red carpet everywhere, but probably most memorably last July at the New York premiere of The Dark Knight. His colorful, 1940′s-inflected Fall collection of strong-shouldered jackets and menswear trousers is perfect for Gyllenhaal’s gamine shape. Which look would you pick for her?

Photo: Jim Spellman / Wire Image



  1. fashionpicks says:

    Don’t you guys ever moderate comments?I have already complained about “flyinghigher” promoting cheap knockoffs on your site, even in this post he/she has done the same thing!Why post a comment that has only an advertising link, that too one that sells fake LVs and Chanel?

    P Adhikari.

  2. fashionpicks says:

    My most favourite one is look #51, followed by #59,#29, #4 and #28.Lets see what she wears!

    P Adhikari.

  3. JohnAgee says:

    Mr. Van Noten is one of the few designers working today who I think is original and authentic, who approaches his craft with an intellectual edge. Why would he want to be so closely associated with such a beige actress? Please, people. Hollywood’s not as great as everyone thinks it is.

    By the way, fashionpicks, I find it amusing that you’re complaining about flyinghigher’s posting of a web address when yours appears right below your comment. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  4. edeigbaanthonia says:

    so dey say style is fashion but you will agree with me dat style is happy

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