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Posh, Becks Play With Ropes, Ladders For Armani


Since Victoria Beckham is one of my favorite (and valid) celebrity designers, I won’t be making any snide ladder climbing metaphors about her new Emporio Armani underwear campaign that just came out this morning. The images are quite the opposite of last season’s, which featured the global brand ambassadors languidly smoldering in some sort of boudoir. The latest pics, also shot by photog pair extraordinaire Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, are somewhat more athletic in nature: Mrs. Becks climbing a ladder sporting a gravity-defying ponytail, heels and not much more, and the pair posing with an enormous rope that I’m associating with the one that you were required to clamber up in grade school gym class. The couple (who together make a cool 32 million GBP for their work) certainly do justice to the unmentionables, and their perfect physiques make you want to hit the gym or perhaps move to an alternate airbrushed universe. What do you think of the new ad?



  1. dzingher says:

    I sadly must tell you I’m not a huge fan of Victoria’s but I must say this is actually a great shot!
    The fact that it not with her husband looking at him provocatively makes it more of a model shot than a celebrity shot.
    I love it!

  2. KIKE says:

    I love this ad! The idea is brilliant even if this is clearly airbrushed but so are every ads nowadays!

  3. Fahrija says:

    I have a soft spot for VB, she seems like such a darling in interviews.

    These ads for Armani she and her husband are doing are imho truly epic!Its how celebs work in ad campaigns, they are using a couple that is sexy and known for their opulance.Everything works, Victoria particularly can model well actually, i like all the ads, and this new one is amazing.

  4. kellystyle29 says:

    Beautiful ad awesome black and white

  5. navare says:

    I love the new campaign, with it’s high-fashion look! It has the effect of making me want to eat less.

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