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What Would Molly Ringwald Do?


The news that director John Hughes had died brought to mind some of the indelible images from his films Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and (our all-time fave) The Breakfast Club. And that in turn made us nostalgic for our own 1980′s school days. A quick study of the Fall shows turned up plenty of schoolgirl classics. There were pinafores at United Bamboo and Luella, crisp oxford shirts at Burberry Prorsum and Giles, and trim blazers at Dsquared² and the Gap. And can’t you just see a Pretty in Pink-era Molly Ringwald vibing on the quirky hat-scarf-belt-boots-stripey top combo at Marc by Marc Jacobs? Click here for a slideshow and tell us which runway look you like best.


Photo: Marcio Maderia




  1. artdeco5 says:

    Even though I was born in the eighties when John Hughes made most of his movies. I love sixteen candles and breakfast club. The schoolgirl looks in detache` and Dsquared were my favorites, because I could relate and I love the easy going look. Generra, Marc Jacobs, and Marni’s versions of the school girl look were also great because they looked like fun to wear.

  2. suzannedefex says:

    No wonder Ive seen 16 candles images everywhere, aw thats sad

  3. gumbijusti says:

    isn’t marc jacobs usually about cliches anyway? The schoolgirl look is nothing new to him. it’s not new in fashion in general. neither is the 80s look. boring season besides Prada and Olivier’s last collection for Nina Ricci in my opinion.

  4. kanupriyasisodia says:

    I love the looks by the three Ds – Detacher, DKNY and Dsquared. The knee length socks and textured tights are the drama, really… Missing schooldays!!!

  5. opinion says:

    The looks at Burberry Prorsum and Chloé are the ones I’d favor. They are elegant and look more grown up, rather ‘stylish schoolteacher’ than ‘big schoolgirl’ (which always looks a bit foolish).

  6. sunlitdays625 says:

    I loved the one look where there were at least three different patterns going on; stripes, leapord, houndstooth! Wow.

  7. VictorStew says:

    My top three favorites are from Chloé, Gap, and Hannii Y.

  8. sistertim says:

    My one and only film of his (and ever) is Pretty in Pink. She had the greatest style ever.

    Loved the Y3 look

  9. ashleyleem says:

    Oh gosh, those are some of the ugliest outfits I’ve ever seen.

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