August 27 2014

styledotcom In a sea of #Emmys red, @nlyonne stood out in @openingceremony. Humberto Leon discusses:

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Couples Who Match


Gossip Girl co-stars and real-life paramours Blake Lively and Penn Badgley spent their off-duty hours yesterday strolling Fifth Avenue. We couldn’t help but notice the level of coordination: white cotton (dress for her, tee for him), blue accessories, matching tans. Lively’s cell phone even picks up the hue of his messenger bag. This may all be coincidence of course, but there’s something pleasing to the eye about a couple who complement each other sartorially. Do you and your S.O. ever get matchy-matchy?

Photo: Jackson Lee / Splash News



  1. Valerio says:

    I’m not negative but I think (personally) that’s it pure by coincedence, that the colors they wear are matching fabulous togheter. Or and then they are a brave and perfect couple they speak about it and agree with each other what to wear. Romney I don’t believe in fairytails, so that’s why I said it’s pure by coincedence. And if I’m matching with my wife, (hahaha about wearing clothes) I don’t know. I always wear dark suits, I wont mention the designer, so it’s easy to match with my wife, if it is a tie or a colored shirt. I have only one remark if you go shopping on Fifth then please dress yourself properly, and not as a tourist somewhere on the beaches of Spain or Italy, despite the heatwave. Have a nice weekend

  2. kellykhaw says:

    i too believe it is purely coincidence because it happens a lot to me and my hubby. We end up in the same colours even though we don’t plan to. I guess its a subconscious or higher level communication when 2 people are very close to each other.

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