August 31 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Jolie Vs. Kruger


Diane Kruger has been working the red carpet for a solid three months in support of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Angelina Jolie, whose husband, Brad Pitt, plays the lead, shows up for only the big-ticket events—Cannes in May and L.A. yesterday at the film’s West Coast premiere. Their choices last night were another interesting study in contrasts. Kruger’s spangled Atelier Versace, with its bold shoulders and plunging keyhole back, was the dress of a fashion adventuress; you don’t have to study her press junket pics to see that she obviously loves clothes. Jolie’s strapless black leather Michael Kors number, on the other hand, was decidedly more minimalist. Not in the least understated, but the choice of a woman who’s always depended more on her pillow lips and other pneumatic gifts than on fashion for red-carpet impact. Whose dress do you like better?

Photos: Kevin Winter / Getty Images, John Shearer / Wire Image



  1. shawanda says:

    Kinda unfair to compare as they’ve got different objectives. Kruger’s promoting her own film and needs a dress that says that whereas Jolie is there in support of her man who’s also starring in the film so she needs something a bit less ambitious. I think they’ve both dressed appropriately.

  2. flightofthedreamer says:

    DK all the way!

  3. pyujiri says:

    You write,”her husband Brad Pitt”. Are they actually married?

  4. baibabaeva says:

    Jolie looks great in her simple leather dress. The dress accentuates beautiful shoulders and her slim figure. The dress is a frame of an artwork. Kruger, on the other hand, is invisible in her dress. She looks like a hedgehog. Those shoulders are very unflattering. Jolie definitely wins.

  5. navare says:

    I like Diane’s look better. Angelina is starting to get very repetitive.

  6. tr_ro says:

    Kruger Kruger Kruger! She looks soo much better
    angelina looks like an Alien with a huge head! I love the leather, but whats with the body?

  7. Valerio says:

    Inthis case I would say Diane Kruger, she’s more up to date with the trend of today then Angelina, someone said Angelina is more repetive, and I think he/she has right. And about the shoulders, every fashionista knows these days that the shoulders of the dressess are important and very fashionable these days. Look to the different shows of the designers. Please here on, thank you in advance, arriverderci.

  8. opinion says:

    A classic beauty like Diane always wins over the kind of awkward beauty of Angelina. No matter the dress.

  9. sophierose22 says:

    I think Diane Kruger looks much more glamourous! Unfortunatly Jolie looks too skinny, great shoes though!!

  10. eightiesgirl89 says:

    I hardly would call Angelina an “awkward beauty”. She is very exotic looking and different from your typical hollywood blond. I love her dress and think she looks fantastic. I do agree that she is too thin. However,I generally think Diane Kruger dresses stylishly and is also a beautiful woman. I don’t like this particular dress but I think comparing the two is impossible because they are just to different looks and tastes.

  11. Yoyoyef says:

    The question is whose dress you like better? Just switch dresses and imagine Jolie on Kruger’s dress. Angelina will look fantastic whit any dress always. So,I like better Krugers dress, even Jolie looks incredible in this lether cool outfit!.

  12. blk says:

    Jolie wins hands down. It is simple flattering elegance. Repetitive? If it is not broke, don’t fix it. She is a grown woman who knows what works for her. Kruger on the other hands flounders and for this event she is swallowed by her dress. The strong shoulders are all wrong… it looks like a Gorillas suit.

  13. vinjonster says:

    Angelina all the way!!! Kruger looks like an emo, little league football player–dying to get out of the closet. Maybe not that extreme, but still mad love to Angelina.

  14. vinjonster says:

    Angelina all the way! Kruger looks like an emo/little league football/theatre hybrid. Even though Angie’s been on the slim side for a while, she’s still rockin’ her dress harder than Kruger. Angie wears the dress, the dress wears Kruger.

  15. rol25 says:

    I agree DK all the way….. and what is it about AJ wearing leather most of the time….. and…. AJ and JA never realised that before

  16. sandraham says:

    Angeline, definetly

  17. Hailie_Valmont says:

    Kruger looks more stylish but Angelina looks better because it suits her better…

  18. Presh says:

    Jolie looks a little on the DOMINATRIX side.

  19. ande3137 says:

    jolie dress suits her and just adds to her look, on diane the dress is wearing her and making a less strong image overall

  20. Karensky says:

    Less is more…Jolie-Pitt by a landslide

  21. moodyline says:

    EH! what I like in two looks, are Angelina’s shoes and Angelina’s face. I know big shoulders are big in the trends now, but I don’t think they do Kruger justice. and yes, Angelina’s way too skinny… the hair do seems to accentuate the disproportion of the head over the body.. I don’t know, just my opinion

  22. cherlee says:

    Kruger is a hands down winners here. Jolie need to do something with that hair and perhaps some accessories.

  23. heather50s says:

    I really like Angelina’s look! It’s one of the best looks I’ve seen this summer period!

  24. peggyrowe says:

    I think AJ looks a bit dated. Her look is fairly classic, but she looks like she’s “over”. DK looks like she’s got the “fashion thing” going on. Thumbs up for DK.

  25. peggyrowe says:

    Neither — did you see Kittana Fuqua Blaseau in the latest of FUNK magazine. Now, she Rocks!! Frankly, Kruger looks a bit like a rep for Orville Redenbacher’s new Cinnamon Theater PopCorn and Jolie is wearing an o-fit that looks like she’s channeling the real it girl of the moment — Megan Fox.

  26. jersey_gal says:

    An “Eighties leftover” and a “Biker Chick”. Both are really bad!

  27. Deer_Watson says:

    Jolies of course. The other dress looks like a gussied up chicken. Way too old for such a darling like Diane.

  28. DOTTIE2132 says:


  29. Ndau says:

    i don’t like angie’s shoes.. just dont fit on her, and also don’t fit on her dress.. no problem with the dress.. and kruger?? oh my.. u look awesome!!

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