July 22 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Melrose Place Or Dynasty?


As far as we know, the new Melrose Place, which premiered in L.A. this weekend, isn’t a period costume drama set in 1981. But ladies, that red and white strapless animal print? Those halters? The sequins and shoulder pads? Nolan Miller would blush. In our opinion, Krystle and Alexis have nothing to fear from Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and co., but what do you think of the way the young cast channeled the Greed Decade?

Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Film Magic



  1. bmichelle says:

    Unfort., the ladies are trying way too hard. They basically look like a revampedd version of the Spice Girls (which is NOT a good thing). Yikes!

  2. isisandosirus says:

    wow… who’s the one on the left. She’s def fits what Heather Locklear brought to Melrose in the 90′s…she’s very intimidating.

  3. tr_ro says:

    Whos the blond in the blue (I am guessing Balmain) dress? She looks freaking hot! nd I am not into blonds… or chicks! lol

  4. tr_ro says:

    Whos the blonde in the blue (I am guessing Balmain) dress? She looks freaking hot! a
    nd I am not into blondes… or chicks! lol

  5. justinshysteria says:

    The Blonde is Katie Cassidy and She is sporting Brian Lichtenberg. She also happens to be the only one that doesn’t look like she shops at the BEBE outlet. (no offense BEBE your current collection has a few BL knock offs so someone with you knows whats up)

  6. tr_ro says:

    Thank you, I have never heard of that designer before!

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