August 21 2014

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Yea, Nay, or Eh: Rachel McAdams, Overexposed?


OK, we know it’s the dog days of summer, but how much skin do you really need to show to be in? Earlier this week, Diane Kruger came close to exposing her derriere in a dramatic Atelier Versace number, and last night, at the New York premiere ofThe Time Traveler’s Wife, Rachel McAdams’ white jersey dress plunged almost down to her navel. We’re not big fans of frocks that require double-stick tape, but what do you think? Is McAdams overdoing it or just secure in her own skin?

Photo: Jim Spellman / Wire Image



  1. bokeefe1226 says:

    Nope, she’s still classy in that dress. Not overexposed at all.

  2. monikapoppy says:

    Thats HOT!



  3. opinion says:

    To walk around in a dangerous frock with 2 dozen camera’s pointed at you … doesn’t that always look kind of desperate?

  4. shawanda says:

    Does absolutely nothing for me. Maybe it looks better in person.

  5. fashionpicks says:

    When I was browsing though the previous night’s events on zimbio this morning, this dress caught my attention and the photo I saw gave a partial view of her breasts which made it clearly over exposed to me, so much so that I was unsure whether to raise the same question asked by you in my blog and decided to ignore it.Good that you brought it up :-)

    Well I asked my man this question and he said “Well she’s an actress with a teriffic bod, so whats wrong in glamming it up, who would if she wouldn’t!!” and as for me “Well I guess its a bit over the top!” So as long as the men love it, why spoil the party ;-)

    P Adhikari.

  6. jA_1 says:

    eh. the dress is amazing but maybe not the perfect dress for madam.

  7. nic_chic says:

    This just doesn’t seem like her at all. I understand that she’s taking a risk here, and maybe that’s her point, but it cannot be avoided that the dress simply does not flatter her. Ltes leave the navel skimming “neck” lines to J.Lo.

  8. Valerio says:

    I like this dress especially while it’s worn by Rachel McAdams. She has the right body for it and I think it’s not over exposed. It’s just what she wanted to wear at that event, so no problems with that. I know Americans are somehow prude, but in Europe this wouldn’t be even a news fact. She looks gorgeous in this dress, and maybe in the view of US citizens shows a little bit to much nudity, I find that she is a brave woman to dare to wear this kind of (mini)dress, thats just my humble opinion. Ciao

  9. jash1411 says:

    I think if her neckline was a little higher we could all appreciate the sophistication of this beautiful dress.

  10. lorenzelms says:

    what is this?

  11. quinnmelia says:

    not at all OVERexposed. however, the dress appears to be slightly ill fitted…more loose than low in my opionion.

  12. angelapintar says:

    yes!!!!!!!!!!! She’s overexposed.

  13. ladolcex says:

    frankly its boring.

  14. voguekid says:

    I really don’t know why they keep posting overexposed dresses like this; is it to show bad examples to future generations?

  15. Valerio says:

    My dear Voguekid, you don’t know why they (I assume you mean posting this kind of in your view overexposed dressess. No it has nothing to do with future generations it has everything to do with what people wear during an event and if they are fashionable,stylish or whatever. If you don’t understand that I can’t understand why are you writing on the Style File blog? Fashion is always personal you can like or dislike an designer or his or hers designs, but always remember there are also a lot of admirers of a certain designer. Keep in the future your eyes wide open and discover the wonderful world which is called FASHION. Be open minded, and not stuck in the opinion of a small county town somewhere in the Midwest. Ciao

  16. Blithespirit says:

    She has a fab bod and it’s great that she’s willing to show it off, but I agree that more than objecting the plunge, I think the whole dress fits funny. The shoulder pads seem out of place and the rest of the top of the dress just sits precariously on her. I’m not sure about getting a smaller size, though, the skirt may just be too short then. It’s just ill fitted.

  17. NotMod says:

    Yeah! Watch and learn, kids!

    Closed up it would have been such an unfathomably sophisticated classic, a tear in it must be art ;)

  18. shirjuli says:

    She looks great! I think its agood look for her.

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