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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Rubber Boots, Not Just For Puddle-Hopping?


Are wellies making the leap from protective gear to all-weather footwear? If the designers at Hunter have anything to say about it, the answer could be yes. First they collaborated with Jimmy Choo on a $395 croc-embossed style that was almost too nice to wear in the rain. Now they’ve introduced a pair with rugged laces, rivets, and elaborate buckles—detailing worthy of the season’s must-have biker boots. They’re far more stylized than the average galoshes, and at $225 on, they don’t come cheap. We suspect they’re intended for year-round wear, which begs the question: Would you wear rubber boots on a sunny day like today?

Photo: Courtesy of Hunter



  1. STYLISHSAM says:

    These boots are too die for!!! There are some cool boots from Paul Smith with similar lines as these on although I ordered mine in brown…

  2. STYLISHSAM says:

    These boots are to die for! There’s some cool Paul Smith boots with similar lines as these that I ordered from Blue Bee…Although I decided on brown! : )

  3. Kellinik says:

    NO WAY. Too hot PARTICULARLY on a summer day. Rain boots are for rainy days ONLY. Eeew. Like nylons in the heat. Just gross.

  4. tr_ro says:

    Nay, I pass…

  5. shawanda says:

    An absolute must – on rainy days.

  6. fashionpicks says:

    They are a tad too stylish for just swooshing up mud, definitely an all weather boot and really stylish for a rubber boot!A distressed denim shorts, an oversized tee, some chunky hardware and these boots are enough to blaze the summer hot!

    P Adhikari

  7. Geniusmetalworker says:

    These boots are lovely.
    Perfect for when it’s RAINING!

  8. larissalove says:

    I think she looks great and edgy. I think it is a bit hot for leather, but She looks great with those shoes.LOve the clutch. I say the girl rocks.

  9. larissalove says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!! I don’t know what the big deal was about Hunter boots before I saw these. You can actually wear these all day with an outfit, as to before you had to have an extra pair in the car or your bag. These are hot,

  10. larissalove says:

    However never wear these on a sunny day! People need to get a grip on wearing boots in the summer even if it is with mini jean shorts…. Fashion Faux Pas

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