August 20 2014

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Ashleigh Verrier Stages A Divine Intervention


No, you didn’t see Ashleigh Verrier’s name on the fashion calendar this season, but you will see an edit of her film Divination exclusively here on Why the switch from runway to video format? “As I was designing, I was imagining characters rather than referencing a period or an icon,” the Parsons-trained designer explained. “I was drawn to using film to evoke a lifestyle.” Shot in upstate New York by KT Auleta, better known for her fashion photographs, Divination stars models Myf Shepherd, Maxine Schiff, and Malene Knudsen as three privileged girls frolicking in nature and playing with a mysterious pendulum. Spoiler alert: Their fate is to be extremely well-dressed. As for the clothes, they have all of the whimsy Verrier is known for, overlaid for spring with equestrian touches and some watery references (sequins that look like raindrops, for example). “I wanted there to be a ‘gone down the rabbit hole,’” aspect to the project, the designer said. We’re sure that Alice would approve.



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