August 31 2014

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Big Bang Theory


Risto Bimbiloski didn’t pull any punches at his first New York fashion week show. Leotards, catsuits, and caftans in vivid lightning-bolt prints girded the collection, but where, some attendees wondered, were all the knits? Bimbiloski doubles as the head knitwear designer at Louis Vuitton menswear, after all, so it seemed fair to ask him about the scarcity of knits on his runway. “There are more in the showroom,” he acknowledged. One of the unexpected ways that Bimbiloski did integrate knits was through jewelry. Chain he developed in two finishes was twisted, knotted, and woven together; it was sometimes incorporated into the garments as embellishment, and sometimes made into jewelry all its own. (Yes, the jewelry will be for sale, too.) “I like the idea of knitting the metal,” explained Bimbiloski. “And I’ve been wanting to do jewelry for a while. I just needed to wait for a season where the jewelry worked in organically with the collection, and served the inspiration.” That inspiration, for the record, wasn’t quite as simple as “lightning.” “There’s a theory that the world was created out of the energy of simultaneous lightning bolts,” explained Bimbiloski. Why not start with a Big Bang?

Photo: Marcio Madeira