August 21 2014

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Bird’s Liz Carey Goes Green


Every once in a while, the vegans do fashion folk a solid. Not by flinging pies, mind you, but by making a polite request, like the one Liz Carey’s animal rights-promoting pal voiced to her recently. “She asked me if I could make one bag for her out of something other than skin,” explains Carey, the designer behind the L.A.-based Bird Handbags. “The python wasn’t really working for her.” Thus, Carey came up with this fall’s army canvas satchel, a bag that not only exudes utilitarian cool, but also punches several feel-good buttons all at once. The tote, which currently comes in two sizes, large and larger, is made out of recycled army tent canvas (green!) and is totally animal-free (there you go, PETA people!), and a portion of the proceeds from its sale will go to charities working with disabled veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I’ve been giving back to some snake sanctuaries,” says Carey, “but I really wanted to find a way to help people, too.” Carey is planning to bring back the bags for spring and to add another canvas style, as well. “I’m really loving the material, as it turns out,” she notes. “Every piece of canvas is different, so each bag is one of a kind, and the added bonus is that the bags aren’t too pricey.” The smaller tote retails for approximately $180, the larger for about $200, and they are currently available at and Roseark in West Hollywood.

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