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Buck Wild For Katie Gallagher


“My uncle shot a deer and sent me the hide,” says designer Katie Gallagher, as she filches a cropped bomber jacket with an undulating silhouette from a rack of Spring 2010 looks. “See,” she goes on, holding up the jacket, “you can still see the bullet holes!” Fashion weekers on the hunt not for buck, so much, as for promising new talent, should make space in their schedule for Gallagher’s presentation on Saturday. The RISD grad is relatively fresh off a stint working with Threessfour, the influence of which adds a cool fluidity to her own sculpturally gothic look. The Spring collection, Gallagher’s second, is all black, though that’s not something she sees as being typical. “My last collection was all whites and grays and beiges,” she explains, “and this one started out as, you know, the flip side of that. But then it changed.” Leather is another leitmotif, though only that bomber-jacket sample is worked with bullet holes; elsewhere, Gallagher goes for futuristic, almost furlike laser-cut leather, or a stretchy hide she’s turned into a minidress, its cut distilled from a more directional piece with padded balloon sleeves. “We’re going for total drama at the show,” she notes, “I mean, you want to make a statement. You want to come out with a bang.”

Photo: Courtesy of Katie Gallagher



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    Absolutely fabulous trend

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