August 30 2014

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Canal Street Meets The Colosseum


As our celebration of New York’s fashion talent was winding down, a blowout of the city’s artistic talent was just getting started in Rome with New York Minute, an exhibition of 60 downtown artists curated by Deitch Projects’ Kathy Grayson. Yes, 60 artists. The big show stretched across two football field-sized nineteenth-century slaughterhouses repurposed as a public museum called Macro Future. You could probably guess some of the names here. You know, your Dan Colens, Ryan McGinleys, Terence Kohs, and, of course, the now-sainted Dash Snow. Also of note: Jim Drain and Ara Peterson’s kaleidoscopic spinning pinwheel installation (pictured above) as well as work from Aurel Schmidt and Ben Jones. The show opened on Saturday night with over 3,000 visitors grooving to A.R.E. Weapons and DJ Spencer Sweeney. For the show, exhibition designer Rafael de Cárdenas utilized a whole host of Canal Street booty: 1,000 feet of mirrored street-grate-patterned Mylar, 4,000 feet of pennant flags, and 40,000 feet of neon tape, which was woven into a pop-up shop for Aaron Bondaroff’s stock of downtown zines, limited-edition artist tees, and CDs. “Rome is not a city known for contemporary art,” notes de Cárdenas. “But it was a total spectacle with kids and families. People loved it.”

Macro Future Museum, Via Emilio Reggio 1, Rome; New York Minute runs through November 1, 2009.

Photo: Courtesy of Macro Future Museum

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