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Erin Wasson’s Keeping Secrets


For reasons we mostly cannot elaborate, the Erin Wasson x RVCA extravaganza at the Bryant Park tents tomorrow night promises to be memorable. There’s a band playing, but we can’t say which one. An out-of-the-box A-list celeb is due to attend, but we can’t say who. And there’s going to be a gigantic film projection—and per that, at least, can share details. The untitled short, which extrapolates from Wasson’s Spring ’10 urban-girl-goes-walkabout theme, was directed by Coan “Buddy” Nichols and Rick Charnoski, the duo behind Super 8 skate film classics Northwest and Fruit of the Vine; it was shot, according to Charnoski, on cameras he and Nichols “picked up for about ten bucks each.” Though it’s easy to assume Wasson’s connection to the filmmakers came through RVCA (skate brand, skate auteurs), as it happens, the fact that they wound up working together was almost entirely coincidental. “The first time she wandered into our studio, with a mutual friend, I had no idea who she was,” recalls Charnoski. “Then I walked down the street, and I realized that her picture was plastered over the whole window of the store on our corner.” A month later, Charnoski and Nichols were headed to the desert with the supermodel/designer, some Kodachrome-mimicking film, and several cheapo cameras from the seventies in tow. “The interesting thing about Erin is that she’s not just a consumer of all the stuff that comes at her,” Charnoski says. “She has a very clear idea of what fits into her world. Somehow, she saw something in our scrappy little films that worked. And then she let us do our thing.” Wasson isn’t the first fashion VIP to collaborate with Charnoski and Nichols—the pair’s latest film, the documentary Deathbowl to Downtown, was narrated by Chloक Sevigny and comes out on DVD on September 15.

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