August 21 2014

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Fashion’s Night Out In Words And Pictures


It felt like New Year’s Eve in New York last night, but better because it was warm enough to see the outfits everybody pulled together for Fashion’s Night Out. We sent model-turned-photographer Astrid Muñoz into the streets armed with a few evening-appropriate signs, and everyone from Francisco Costa and Michelle Monaghan to one of New York’s Finest was game to pose for her holding one. Yes, the recovery really does start here. Click for a slideshow.

Photo: Astrid Muñoz



  1. tr_ro says:

    Thats all? No more pics? Zac Posen? Really? No Wintour? No De la Renta? No Bowles? Guys that was pretty boring and dissapointing!

  2. Silva333 says:

    awesome pix I bought tons of stuff! This person obviously went to drink.

  3. noshy says:

    “I’m not a shopper, I’m a collector” Love it! Totally digging the fresh concept here. Keep keeping it original, there’s more to the fashion world than just the clothes. :)

  4. nats says:

    You should change it to Words And “Picture”

  5. kellystyle29 says:

    Awwww he’s so cute but what a boring post for Vogue

  6. Makeup5 says:

    very cute !!!! love all of the photos!!! and LOVE zac posen