August 21 2014

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Giles Deacon Keeps It Real


Giles Deacon may be moving his show to Paris this season, but the designer hasn’t abandoned London entirely: Last night, he debuted his new Giles Accessories range of jewelry at Somerset House, in the process giving attendees a sneak peek at some of the styles that will be seen on the runway next month. “We’ve always done accessories for the show, but they’re quite expensive to make and physically heavy when you do them as one-offs,” Deacon noted. “People wanted to buy them, but it just wasn’t practical. So, it seemed like the logical thing to have a more regular production.” The debut collection includes fabric-fringed statement necklaces, sculptural rings, and baubles shaped like Mickey Mouse ears; Deacon says that he expects some of the pieces to be retained in future collections, albeit with different finishes, etc., to form a core that can be built on for his planned release of four collections per year. “I like that there’s fine jewelry work to it but no precious gems involved,” he said. “It keeps the cost accessible—you can have a statement necklace for $400.” The jewelry isn’t the only new development for Deacon—this year’s ANDAM award winner has also signed a licensing deal with the company that produces 6267, which he says will allow him to expand his business. “ANDAM brought me to Paris, but with this deal in place, I really do feel like I’m ready for that larger stage,” he explained. “We’ll see how it goes. I’m loyal to London, but I think what’s nice about the way things work nowadays is that you can show wherever it suits you. Maybe it’s Paris now; maybe it will be New York one day.”

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