September 2 2014

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John Patrick Explains Keens Steakhouse


It struck more than a few observers as odd that Organic designer John Patrick chose to present his Spring ’10 collection at, of all places, a steakhouse. What would Michael Pollan say? Doesn’t the production of one pound of beef require something like 100 gallons of water and emit about 15 lbs. of CO² into the atmosphere? Isn’t swearing off burgers and filet mignon the greenest thing you can do? “I eat meat!” protested Patrick at the presentation this morning. “I eat organic meat, and I eat it in moderation, and I buy it from family farms that are local to me. But, look, it’s a choice. You can’t make everyone a vegan.” As Patrick went on to explain, the choice of the old-school Keens Steakhouse in Midtown as his location had everything to do with its speakeasy vibe, which jibed with the new Organic collection’s Krazy Kat club inspiration and had nothing whatsoever to do with meat. “That was the idea,” he reiterated. “Speakeasy.” It was suggested that, perhaps, Patrick could split the difference and think of Keens as a steakeasy. “OK,” he said. “Don’t make me get on my bicycle and bike out of here.”

Photo: Courtesy of Keens

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