August 30 2014

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Orbs And Philosophers


Johnson Hartig lives in L.A., so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that something filmic would be part of his repertoire. All Angelenos seem to be somehow involved in the film industry (even the Pasadena-based Mulleavy sisters have an agent). In fact, the designer has been playing director in his house-cum-studio for years now, so making a video presentation, which will be shown only on, for his new collection was a natural next step, he says. Spring not only marks the first Libertine lineup designed by Hartig alone—after many years of collaboration, Cindy Greene decided to pursue other projects—but also a return to the line’s reworked vintage roots. “My heart was never in production,” Hartig admits. “It feels so good to be cutting things up again and printing and making discarded things covetable again.” The designer took inspiration from a book on the history of philosophers—hence the acid burnout name pieces—and also from a road trip to Death Valley with the Mulleavys, during which they stayed in a haunted hotel and Hartig became a believer in orbs. Talk about getting by with a little help from your friends: The video was shot by David Mushegain; the casting of Newport Beach surf kids was done by a teenager named Little Nate; Jane Adams happened to stop by during filming, resulting in a cameo; and two September Issue alums, Margaret Yen and Azin Samari, were responsible for the music and editing, respectively. As for the lyrics, credit those to Hartig, who made them up as he was singing.



  1. luluamore says:

    I love this videO…
    is so much fun to watch..i want most of da clothes..

  2. srhdfy says:

    Love this. Michele is hot!

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