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There’s a new reason to love’s iPhone app. Starting now, you’ll be able to prepare your itinerary for the Lollapalooza of retail therapy—Fashion’s Night Out—wherever you are. Make a selection from the constantly updating alphabetical list of all the participating stores in New York (there are 800-plus) and you’ll get the shop’s address, phone number, and a brief description of the events and celebrity appearances taking place there on September 10, along with a link to a handy Google map. The best part? You won’t spend a penny for this convenience—it’s a free download from Apple’s App Store. Shop for good.





  1. dinstyqa says:

    great !

  2. nikkip91 says:

    just downloaded it..can’t wait to use it!

  3. kellystyle29 says:

    Oh i am so downloading this when I get home

  4. echomodels says:

    Holy Cow.. .sooo informative!!! It’s the greatest app EVER!

  5. aharris says:

    Perfect for making your way around town!

  6. divanov says:

    Help, Do you have this app. for Blackberry? It’s never really bothered me before(too much) but NOW I’m missing out on something important.

  7. fableo says:

    this is makin me think I should switch from Bberry to iPhone….errrrgh.

  8. blumoon88 says:

    i agree! i want this for the blackberry!!!

  9. dnlrodrigues says:

    let´s go shop!!

  10. zasilz says:

    same application for blackberry!!!!!!!