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Sweet Nothings At Lorick


Not to get all intellectual on you the second day of fashion week, but to quote Marshall McLuhan, the medium is the message when it comes to Abigail Lorick’s Spring collection. Well, artist’s medium, that is. Inspired by Francesco Clemente’s watercolors, Edgar Degas’ pastels, and Jonathan Greene’s acrylics, the Gossip Girl ghost-designer created a collection based on portrait sittings. When the models weren’t lounging on the raised-stage tableau (while art student Christine Hostetler stood in the corner at an easel, furiously sketching them), they changed looks on the side, for everyone to see. Lorick was right there—the artist at work—dressing them. Kind of like that scene in Unzipped, sans scrim and Carla Bruni. As we know by now, Lorick is pretty creative, so to solve the near-nude-girl-in-the-room dilemma she whipped up some retro-style bras and tap shorts as underpinnings. The good news is that for Spring she’ll be adding lingerie to her already charming mix of girly frocks. While the cynic would say it’s tough times when models don’t have standard-issue backstage dressers, Lorick begs to differ. “That’s what my clothes are all about—a woman getting dressed and enjoying the process.”

Photo: Laurie Trott



  1. amyNYC says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos. Lorick is one of the few small brands that gets it and always has strong Images and stories to go with the collections. Love the art media inspiration.

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