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The Season Of The Blog Star Continues


When I caught up with Wren designer Melissa Coker right before the New York shows, she was a bit worried about her impending lookbook shoot. The issue: Last Fall, she featured New York’s latest fashion obsession, Alexa Chung—a big fan of the collection—but how does one follow that up? Well, Coker’s Spring 2009 lookbook is, in fact, right on the money, featuring adorable Swedish blogger Filippa Berg. What better fit for a season that’s seen Tavi Gevinson’s every move endlessly Twitter-tracked and even lavish front-row laptops for the street style bloggerati (including our own Tommy Ton) at D&G? Coker’s Spring collection, however, was inspired by some cute girls of pre-interweb days, namely the sixties: beach culture poster girl Gidget and Mia Farrow in her days on Beatles guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram. There’s definitely an infectiously dreamy and laid-back feel to the combination of super-faded denim pieces, perfect little belted silk dresses, and the odd dash of a tailored copper tweed. You can find Wren in New York at Bird in Brooklyn, Plum on the L.E.S., and mostly likely on a fashion blog near you.



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