August 27 2014

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The Shoe In: Are Kitten Heels Back?


It seems like just yesterday that I railed against the murky statement of the kitten heel that I saw on midtown tourists all summer long. But, if yesterday in Milan is any evidence, the look may have legs.

Yes, there were some tiny little heels at Marni, including a pair inspired by those navy rubber sandals from Chinatown. But not all was on the down low. Sling-back sandal boots—a seemingly new element to this persistent hybrid—and Mary Jane sandals both had high platforms.

The kitten caboodle continued at Missoni with these braided strappy, straight-outta-Ibiza sandals. Somehow with these, one must ask, why not just make them flat? Even a haute hippie doesn’t really want to mince around on a wee heel.

Dolce & Gabbana’s masculine-feminine journey meant flat velvet slippers and lace-up oxfords and their polar opposite: femme-fatale heels inset with fishnet leather to look like naughty ankle socks. The only kittens here were, of course, the corseted sex kittens who closed the show.

Photo: Don Ashby and Olivier Claisse



  1. jamieclare says:

    gross. i will never, ever like kitten heels. they aren’t flattering and they’re awkward to walk in.

  2. CarolineGrace says:

    Yes, a heel this short just looks like a stunted growth and is terribly unfashionable. I have yet to see an attractive shoe in this style.

  3. flightofthedreamer says:

    First off, I’d hardly consider the top left one a kitten heel. In any case I say hooray! I’m glad to see them out and about, not to say however that you’ll catch me in a pair!

  4. zoobegal says:

    I love that kitten heels are back! I can’t wear high heels because of my arthritis, so I love it when stylish low heels or flats are in.

  5. tr_ro says:

    I like top right… doesnt look kitten heel though

  6. fauxPasNouveau says:

    All heels are good! much love for the little kitten<3

  7. Makeup5 says:

    PLEASE NO KITTIN HEALS!!!! ONLY stilettos for me

  8. Makeup5 says:

    dont like the kittens

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