August 21 2014

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The Shoe In: Milan, So Far


When you’re sitting at a runway show, even in the front row, the starring role often goes to the clothes. But let’s talk about the all-important action below the ankle with our first installment of The Shoe In.

Prada gave us a literal moment of clarity with clear-heel sandals dripping with fat chandelier crystals, and her see-through pointy-toe Mary Janes. One totally clear pair looked like the footwear version of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Their practicality is somewhat arguable, but they do seem to have handy Velcro closures.

Yesterday at Jil Sander, Raf Simons’ arty inspirations made the most sense in shoe form, like this sculptural number crafted from wood, oxidized metal, and chic navy suede. Blow that thing up 1,000 times and you could send it to Storm King.

And lastly there was Versace’s glam-slam journey down a Tim Burton rabbit hole that gave us this nutty futuro-baroque number. What do you think of Milan’s shoe scene so far? Comments welcome below.

Photo: Don Ashby and Olivier Claisse



  1. Valerio says:

    The designs of the shoes are marvelous, but are these wearable for woman? Especcialy models have to show that what they wear they like it and show it to whatever public, they are the socalled PR girls of the designers. They need confidence, but their confidence can be ruined by the shoes they have to wear sometimes. It’s sometimes terrifying, what designers do to the models. For a lot of models most of the time the shoes are only a DRAMA. Walking down the catwalk with a pair of unwearable shoes. I asked myself sometimes is this really necessesary to show the clothes (pieces) of a designer. My answer is NO, okay it looks very fabulous with these art shoes, but is it healthy for the models?? The attention has to go to the designs and not to the shoes and sometimes a falling or tumbling model. How do you think she’s feeling herself after ‘the accident’ most of the time very rotten. And that all because of the designers staff decided that this or that shoe makes the headline and is outstanding with their collection. What they forget is that (almost) no woman would buy these, only of the fact these are very unconfortable. Ciao

  2. Valerio says:

    Sorry my last words have to be – only of the fact these are not wearable- again sorry but as an Italian you make sometimes a languages mistake.

  3. WhitneyNichole says:


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