August 27 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Taylor Momsen


OK, we get it. Taylor Momsen wants the world to know she’s not the innocent “Little J” she portrayed way back in season one of Gossip Girl. But the sheer thigh-highs, garter belt, and oversized oxford shirt (unbuttoned to there) that she donned for last night’s Fashion’s Night Out activities put her into Risky Business territory. Besides, Lindsay Lohan received serious flak for working a similar ensemble last week in Beverly Hills. Shouldn’t Taylor be picking her sartorial role models a little more wisely? What do you think?

Photo: George Napolitano / Getty Images



  1. julialovandresses says:

    Love this pic with the proper lady in contrast. =)

  2. amff says:

    miss liza darwin, i concur like i’ve never concurred before.

  3. Nikki says:

    Garter belts are glamorous, sophisticated and in vogue. Taylor Momsen is very stylish.

  4. tr_ro says:

    Looks trashy… the hair, the panties… I dont like it!

  5. JohnAgee says:

    The best part of this photo is the older bourgeois lady in the background with the “deer-in-headlights” expression. Brilliant. Can only imagine what the person grabbing her is saying. Possibly something like, “Look away!!!!”

  6. missminerva says:

    A stupid question, I’m sure, but — where are this girl’s parents?? She’s 16!!!!!

  7. werewolf says:

    She is indeed acting like Little J – acting out and trying to prove she’s a bad ass. She looks ridiculous.

  8. saschney says:

    1. Shes 16! -that’s much to young to look like a hooker no matter what image you are trying to project
    2. the woman in the back does look hilarious
    3. Celebrities are supposed to be aspirational

  9. fashionfever421 says:

    i’m not a fan of this outfit.
    (except the super chic purse)

  10. bobicerox1356 says:

    Oh golly, I love Tay, but in this outfit she looks like she’s for sale. And check out grams in the background.

  11. Ndau says:

    i think sometimes momsen is cool.. but sometimes she tried to much.. dress up like a rock star, gothic, etc.. just don’t try to much, and she still look cool..

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