August 22 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: The Two-In-One Shoe


The hybrid shoe is here to stay. A brief recap: open-toe, high-heeled hiking boots at Rag & Bone, where Marcus Wainwright and David Neville are busily expanding their accessories business, including footwear. Alexander Wang: clog brogues, open-toe, high-heeled motorcycle boots; peep-toe dual animal-print wedge booties. Preen showed a pair of platform sandals with a bootlike cuff around the ankle as part of its debut collection of shoes; as an aside, it’s also worth mentioning that the Preen shoes ratified the continuing relevance of the cone heel, albeit in a blockier shape than for Fall. And then there is the thong boot, back with a vengeance for Spring 2010. Victoria Bartlett sent toe-ring thong boots down the VPL runway on Saturday, and two hours later, Richard Chai showed every look at his show for his new Love label with a pair of wedge-heeled thong boots that came up to low calf. What’s the deal? Are women keen to go pantless and afraid to show their ankles? Is this trend—and its longevity—the result of designers observing girls on the street wearing boots and brogues all summer long, and then thinking, I bet they’d like to aerate their feet? No complaints, just asking. Comments, please. Also, a word about the shin guards at the Alexander Wang show: This is a look that’s been rolling around the Lower East Side for a few months; this writer always assumed it had something to do with kickball leagues. Any takers for a shin-guard trend?



  1. fashionfever421 says:

    I think paired with the right clothes and accessories these shoes could be super chic.
    But worn the wrong way, it could be a fashion disaster.

  2. bobicerox1356 says:

    Eh… shoes with hardwear are to die for right now and zippers make footware look uber edgy, but with everthing going on, this shoe becomes really avant-garde.

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