July 25 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Your Overall Opinion Of Alexa Chung


Some scratched their heads when Ralph Lauren opted for a silk overall-style gown to close his Spring 2010 show last week, but there’s at least one celeb who can be counted on to call it in for a red-carpet event. Alexa Chung has been spotted recently in NYC sporting a vintage denim bib-front dress and, on a separate occasion, a cutesy nautical-inspired number from A.P.C. Today she sat front-row at Luella in London in this youthful minidress. She obviously has a body to pull off anything, but do you like the look? Or are overalls a trend better suited for the under-ten set?

Photo: Fred Duval/FilmMagic



  1. argy says:

    I hate these type of questions. Sure Alexa Chung with her boyish body can pull off boyish clothes–Christina Hendricks would probably look silly with her feminine curves poking out of overalls–who cares? It’s really bothersome and a huge waist of time to try and fit style into tidy little boxes with these type of pointless questions.

  2. gingerred says:

    The title of the blog suggests you want an “overall” opinion of Alexa Chung, and, if that is the case, my opinion of her is that she’s fabulous! A short list might go something like this: she’s fresh, idiosyncratic, smart, irreverent and yet somehow ladylike, and, of course, quite cool.

    As for the overall-style or look that she sports from time-to-time, (which Lauren did, oddly, in a formal look for his collection), I think it’s a classic, preppy look, suitable in denim or similar. She pulls it off here, nicely, and many have worn overalls to great effect. Nothing wrong with them at all.

  3. pearldk says:

    I’m not a big fan of Alexa Chung. I do think it’s cool that she wears whatever she likes but I just don’t see it as being stylish most of the time.

  4. CBPfander says:

    LOVE the look. Have been scouring the earth to find an equally perfect pair!

  5. flightofthedreamer says:

    I dont like her shoes. The rest I love. As far as the trend goes, Im a little worried. This is one of those things where it could either be a total hit or a complete disaster. As far as the evening gown is concerned, well as I said it could be a complete disaster.

  6. pyujiri says:

    ‘”Waist of time”- that is classic!

  7. argy says:

    Is it a classic like a Chanel 2.55? Just wondering. Nice to see even on blogs people pay attention to language find humor in it the way I do.

  8. dilaraa says:

    I really don’t agree on Alexa Chung being able to pull off any look. She definitely don’t have the body for that. I also don’t like her style.

  9. nycleouk87 says:

    I love this look! Alexa Chung is not your conventional stylista and that is what I appreciate about her. Her overalls are now a trend in-coming so you can see her effect on the fashion world. I think her being thin isn’t a bad thing but this is better suited for her boyish body type, something I could see a young Audrey Hepburn wearing opposed to Marilyn Monroe. YAY!!

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