August 20 2014

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A Day In The Life Of: Hanneli Mustaparta, Street Style Blogger


Norwegian model-turned-blogger Hanneli Mustaparta joined the street style gang just over a year ago. But the stylish (and lovely) Mustaparta is in front of the camera as often as she’s behind it. You can read her blog here or here. What’s it like breaking into one of fashion’s new hot jobs? “Fun, but also very hard work,” she says. “I get to meet inspiring people, but I also lug around 20 pounds of equipment in very uncomfortable shoes.” For a more detailed answer, read on. Here’s what Hanneli did yesterday in Paris.

10:05 a.m. My alarm never went off! I remained calm and got ready in 20 minutes. I had planned what to wear before bed: a Rad Hourani leather and chain dress with my croco Acne boots. I had even figured out my hair—a sleek ponytail that required only water, a brush, and tons of hair spray. Sorry, ozone layer.

10:25 a.m. Impossible to get a taxi because of the pouring rain, so I took the Métro. I had packed my boots in my bag and so I could run in my flat silver Steve Madden shoes.

10:40 a.m. Too late for Chanel. I waited under my umbrella in the rain preparing to get some shots after the show. To pass the time, I shot some cute girls waiting outside. A few fans came over and told me how much they love my blog. That made me forget about the rain.

12:10 p.m.The weather wasn’t the best for shooting everyone exiting Chanel, but I did get a picture of the beautiful [Russian designer] Vika Gazinskaya wearing a hat and a black coat she designed. Apart from that it was a lot of over-the-top outfits that were not blog-worthy.

12:45 p.m. Lunch of smoked mushroom risotto and roast beef with apples and potatoes at Le Fumoir with Maya Villiger [editor of Turned Out]. We left wishing for a disco nap, but instead walked towards the Tuileries to capture people entering Chloé. Sadly, I didn’t have a ticket. I would have loved to see what Hannah MacGibbon has done this time.

2:15 p.m.Outside of Chloé. The editors and buyers dress beautifully for this show. Shooting in the Tuileries is a treat. The light bounces off the sand, making everyone beautiful and the clothes pop. Not cool is the other photographers getting in the way as I was about to shoot Giovanna Battaglia, a frequent occurrence. Those guys with their humongous zoom lenses have zero respect. Paparazzi, go home!

4 p.m. Fauchon with Tommy Ton and Phil Oh [of Street Peeper]. Everything looked so tempting. I had a slice of pizza with a thin crunchy crust topped with thin slices of turkey, sundried tomatoes, fresh yellow tomatoes, chopped figs, and dressing.

5:45 p.m. The Valentino show. Although we were late, everyone else was even later. I got a beautiful shot of Elle‘s Kate Lanphear and the stylist Ada Kokosar. This venue has great light, and because it’s surrounded by gray concrete walls, it’s easy to get shots with no one in the background.

6:10 p.m. I was getting tired and my feet were hurting. I left Valentino to stop by the bookstore OFR to buy something for the shelf in my brand-new apartment in New York. I found a supposedly rare black-and-white book from Francesco Scavullo. I can’t wait to look through it properly when I have more time.

7 p.m. At home, I downloaded all my pictures from the day and did backups. I charged my camera batteries, took a shower, and walked to my local sushi place for some takeout. Then I sat up all night writing on my blogs and retouching and cropping my pictures until I was happy with the way each one looked.

2:30 a.m. When all the work was done I was dead tired and went straight to bed. Paris fashion week, as fun as it is, had worn me out completely, and I was nowhere near capable of going to the Alexander McQueen after-party as I had planned. Bisous!

Photos: Joris Bruring



  1. ohmyiilovefashion says:

    Her life must be so much fun! She seems down to earth which I would have never thought. Her blogs are truly inspiring. I just added her on bloglovin.

  2. Egil says:

    Great piece! And she looks fabulous, as always.

  3. jillian67 says:

    i just love Hanneli’s style, and her blogs are among the best. would love to see more interview with her.

  4. MayDayRayRay says:

    Ahhh Hanneli! Little Miss Sunshine! Great article! But pizza with figs?? I guess her taste for food is about as groundbreaking as her sense of style :P

  5. Cathriner says:

    Hanneli, du er min helt! I am so happy that I have been able to get to know you just a little, just keep at it like you are truly smart, kind, beautiful and a little fashion geek just like me. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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