September 2 2014

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At Newcomer Aganovich, Harlechs and Ice


It certainly doesn’t hurt to have über-muse Lady Amanda Harlech take an interest in a young label, but Nana Aganovich and Brooke Taylor of the line Aganovich are in no rush. The London-based duo are on their third outing, but it’s the first that’s commercially available. And on Lady Harlech’s advice, they headed to Paris to show it. At the Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Taylor, a philosophy major, explained the collection’s somewhat abstract inspiration: the barren landscapes of Greenland leading into Borges’ infinite paradoxes. It was up to Aganovich, a Central Saint Martins alum, to translate that into clothes. She did so with a stark white, black, and glacial blue palette, piecing together cotton, silk, and antique linen on seamed dresses, a trench, and a neat cape to clean, minimal effect. On the softer side: a prim ivory blouse with gently draped sleeves.

The duo used white-faced mannequins throughout, and the first three rooms toyed with a cold, too-perfect tension. But the final chambre held a warmer surprise. Asleep on a bed was Lady Harlech’s daughter Tallulah, who, as a warm-blooded woman, was, Aganovich said, “The one that all the icy mannequins vie to be.” The younger Harlech “awoke” to chat before resuming her repose. “I wanted to be involved because Nana has a way of cutting that is quite exquisite,” she told us. The budding actress added with a laugh, “This is definitely the most interesting role I’ve ever had!”

Photo: Courtesy of Aganovich



  1. auanagi says:

    this sounds very stimulating not only visually, but the ambiance sounds absolutely captivating. Great clothing is fantastic, but the way it is presented is what truly sells a piece.

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