September 2 2014

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Blasblog: Hardy Boys and Girls


The chic set celebrated the joy of high heels last night at the 10-year anniversary fête for Parisian cobbler Pierre Hardy. Actress Joana Preiss, who spent the majority of the night sitting down with the likes of friends Nicolas Ghesquière and Hide Nakata, explained that the real pain after breaking her foot two months ago in a freak pool accident wasn’t the fracture, the cast, or the healing. No, what upset Preiss was that she couldn’t wear the funky, metallic Hardy stilettos she loves. “But he has been helping ease the pain,” she smiled, pointing to a pair of flat crocodile boots the designer had given her for the evening. The relationship between pain and pleasure is integral to the sorts of shoes that Hardy prides himself on creating, of course. “Can you have one without the either?” he asked. Replied stylist Charlotte Stockdale, there with husband Marc Newson: “As long as they look good and sexy, it’s worth it.

Photo: Andre Lucat/SGP

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