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Blasblog: Vezzoli On Gaga At MoCA


Lady Gaga has always maintained that her concerts are performance art. And so in her lace-veiled view, it’s entirely logical that she’d be performing at MoCA’s 30th anniversary gala on November 14 in a performance piece that’s a highly intriguing collaboration with the Bolshoi Ballet and artist Francesco Vezzoli. (It’s not Kanye, but I suppose it’ll do.) It was the event’s honorary chairs Larry Gagosian and art-world wonder girl Dasha Zhukova who asked Vezzoli to create something for the occasion.

I contacted Vezzoli for his thoughts on the upcoming performance, and his response was effusive. “I am very grateful to MoCA, the Garage [Zhukova’s Moscow museum], and Gagosian for this commission. They basically offered me a social ritual as a blank canvas to be turned into an artwork,” Vezzoli said. “Some artists might see this as a nightmare, but for me it’s like a surreal dream, and in true surreal style I wanted to mix together the youngest and most daring pop icon, Lady Gaga, with the oldest and most classically trained group of dancers in the world, the Bolshoi Ballet. The performance will take many references from Le Bal (1935), the only one of the Ballets Russes ever designed by Balanchine in collaboration with an Italian artist, the Surrealist Giorgio de Chirico. The output will be flawlessly imperfect and unpredictable, just like any overambitious happening should be.” Well then, sounds like a night to remember. And since it’s only ever going to be performed once, you might just have to.

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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