August 29 2014

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Cats: The Fashion Calendar, Not The Musical


Cats: adorable, right? Furry purring machines batting at balls of string, I can haz all your love and affection? Well, Miuccia Prada may have plastered her cat fancy all over yesterday’s Spring 2010 Miu Miu collection, but let’s look at the facts. As Alan Weisman notes in his book The World Without Us, centuries of domestication have done nothing to dim the housecat’s predatory instincts. Cats, writes Weisman, kill “not only for sustenance, but also seemingly for the sheer pleasure of it.” The human race could die out tomorrow and cats—cats!—would not only survive, but thrive. Presumably, they’d evolve into a new master species, farming mice in skyscrapers and keeping the few remaining dogs as slaves.

With all that in mind, it’s good to see that United Bamboo designers Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham are getting a head start on sucking up to our future feline overlords. Aoki and Pham created a kitty-size version of their new collection and shot the looks on actual cats. A calendar featuring the photos is due out later this year and will be available on the United Bamboo Web site. (Friends of Grace Coddington, take note.) We urge you to post one someplace prominent in your home, where you can look at it every day and contemplate the future. They can haz world domination? Comments, please.


Photo: Noah Sheldon



  1. flightofthedreamer says:

    What is happening to fashion?

  2. Asphodelie says:

    Good things, my friend. Good things.

  3. mercuryloge says:

    top choices so far among paris shows: lanvin, yves saint-laurent & valentino; miu miu is in a close 2d tier, with chanel, alexander mcqueen, givenchy, nina ricci & balenciaga – but miu miu (as usual) wins hands down for model selection, which must be considered in tandem with big milan sister house, mighty model-incubator prada – of the 36 women in the miu miu show, no less than 19 belong in the hot & very new category, 7 in the hot, new but already-prominent category, and just 10 longstanding runway superstars (long = more than 5 seasons) – the similar numbers at the prada show were 16, 6 and 6 – no less than 23 models walked both shows, reinforcing the appropriate image of a band of prada house semi-exclusives – in the hot & very new category, no less than 13 models walked both shows: lindsey wixman (exclusive, opens prada, closes miu miu), new jersey sensation jacquelyn jablonksi, hawaii sensation keke lindgard, endless dutch sensations lisanne de jong (opens miu miu), bregje heinen, mirte maas, inevitable slavic (and viking!) sensations valerija kelava, sharon kavjian, amanda norgaard, rasa zukauskaite, alisa matviychuk & kate kosushkina ! hot & very new & only the prada show: lyndsey scott, nicole hofman, patricia van der vliet; hot & very new and only miu miu: yulia leontieva, jenny sinkaberg, debora muller, marike leroux, alexa yudina, kristy kaurova; in the hot, new but already-prominent category, only sophie srej, and glorious dorothea barth-jorgensen & anna de rijk, walked both shows; walked only prada: kendra spears, very beautiful nimue smit, v.b. jac; walked only miu miu: roaring ginta lapina, roaring katie fogarty, edythe hughes, and daintily-roaring imogen morris-clarke; in the superstar category, must-have hanne gaby odiele walked both shows, as did mandatory liu wen, glorious kasia struss, shu pei qin, and top-draw lara stone; only prada: no. 1 runway draw natasha poly; only miu miu: lovely vlada, serenissima freja beha erichsson, daiane conterato & egle tvirbutaite !! oh, and since it wasn’t me who raised the topic of our feline rulers, please do donate your pennies to !!!

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    Cats: The Fashion Calendar, Not The Musical | style file | zi xiu tang

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