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Dice Kayek’s Eastern Promise


The invite read Istanbul/Constant, a hint that Turkish-born, but Paris-based designer Ece Ege was going back to her roots for Dice Kayek’s couture Black Label collection. (She also does a ready-to-wear Pink Label.) But Spring 2010 wasn’t kitschy fare of Grand Bazaar-inspired Ottoman patterns. Kayek took a more abstract approach. “I was inspired by my city. And it was all the little things that reminded me of it,” she explained at yesterday’s presentation at the plush Ritz Bar on Rue Cambon. Ege showed off a black dress of fine lace with a fitted bodice and double-hooped skirt. “See, it’s the shape of a Turkish lamp,” she said. While the palette was generally understated in muted tones of blush, taupe and classic black, the heavyweight silks lent an air of the luxury. Cleverly, the designer used the slightly stiff textile to add structure to draping including a voluminous bustle on the skirt of a L.B.D. and a short cocktail dress in the palest of pinks that crossed the body in sumptuous folds. Alas, with such fineries, it only made sense that prices hovered more in the modern sultan range: All items are special-order only.

Photo: Courtesy of Dice Kayek

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