September 1 2014

styledotcom Just in time for fashion week, @Barbie's wardrobe gets a designer update:

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Duskin’s Stephanie Tran Gets (And Gives) A Little Help From Friends


I’ve known Duskin designer Stephanie Tran since her days at Vogue, and I’ve always admired her sense of style. You can count on the editor-turned-designer to have honed in on something like the perfect Chanel shoe that you kick yourself for not having bought. It’s likely the same talent that lends an immediate I-want-to-wear-it quality to her collection of sweet little dresses, high-waisted pants, and blazers, now in its third season.

I’m not the only one who’s gotta have it. “Honestly, right now my friends are my best customers,” says Tran from her Williamsburg studio-cum-apartment. Stylist Kate Young, for one, bought Tran’s entire Spring 2009 collection. Renwick Gallery owner Leslie Fritz is another faithful fan-friend. In fact, after a buyer from Aloha Rag saw Fritz wearing a Duskin coat, she called Tran for an appointment. “Leslie is a shopper. She wears crazy stuff, Margiela,” explains Tran. “The buyer thought the coat was Comme.” Though Tran herself doesn’t shop as much these days, she does her karmic fashion part by putting in orders with designer pals like Gryphon’s Aimee Cho, Doucette Duvall’s Annebet Duvall, and blogosphere friend Lisa Dorr’s line, Le Bouton. (You can read Tran’s blog here.)

For spring, I’ve got my eye on a breezy triple-layered gauze tunic dress with beaded sleeves and Tran’s staple unlined blazer, now with princess sleeves. You can find Duskin at Steven Alan in New York; Confederacy and Fred Segal Flair in Los Angeles; Frances May in Portland, Ore.; and online at Les Nouvelles.

Photo: Courtesy of Duskin



  1. stylelookey says:

    we need more variety in the market place. no more rip offs, spin-offs from editor-turned-designers. we need more originality like the Ben Cho’s of the world. not every designer comes equipped with stylist friends and gallery owners. rarely do you see Pratt and Parson’s students getting the attention/praise for collections that are going against your subpar basics. i get the feeling this profile was a friend-favor, which is just not fair for all the emerging unknown designers who have their own vision.

  2. newyorksilly says:

    What is a Duskin? Must mean “cool girl”. Love that Kate Young.

  3. hobkat says:

    is stylelookey a little jealous? it probably took a lot of talent to rise through the ranks at vogue. and have you seen her lovely collection? it merits the praise of her fashion insider friends.

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