August 30 2014

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First Persona: Apiece Apart’s Spring Short


The inspiration for Apiece Apart designers Laura Cramer and Starr Hout’s new Spring collection included all of the following: Josef Albers, color theory, Lawrence of Arabia, David Hockney’s painting, and early Joan Didion. But for the video they shot to accompany the collection, they threw yet another into the mix: Ingmar Bergman’s Persona. “It seemed like an interesting idea to play with, that blurring and exchanging of identities,” says Cramer.

Despite the bouillabaisse of references, Cramer and Hout’s short, which was directed by KT Auleta in Montauk and styled by Avena Gallagher, has a lovely serenity to it, emphasizing their ideas about movement, volume, and jolts of color. Though the video sets forth a “clothes make the woman” theme, both Hout and Cramer take pains to point out that Apiece Apart operates on the opposite assumption. “As always, we’re providing these very simple garments for women to play with,” says Cramer. “This season, we’re inviting her to try strong color and giving her cool, easy pieces like culottes and bodysuits to work into her wardrobe.” She adds, “It’s about her pulling Apiece Apart into her world and making it part of her identity, not the other way around.”


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