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Honey, I Blew Up The Bangle


When Anndra Neen designers, sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens, were invited to join the group of Mexican artists, filmmakers, musicians, and fashion designers taking part in Tokyo’s MexcoFest this week, they decided to think big. Literally. The Stephenses took five pieces from their debut jewelry collection and blew them up to five times their original size. “We see our jewelry as sculpture in itself,” explains Annette, the younger Stephens. “Basically, we decided to take that idea and run with it.” Adds Phoebe, “It’s interesting to see how your perception of the object changes when you blow it up and take it out of the context of jewelry.”

The Stephens sisters will be presenting their normal-size pieces in Tokyo as well, though it ought to be noted that a few of those pieces, like a breastplatelike statement necklace or a belt buckle-sized pendant in mixed copper, bronze, and nickel silver, don’t exactly qualify as petite. (Nothing is quite as big as the magnified version of their gladiator cuff, however. That stands about two feet tall.) All of the jewelry, large and small, is handmade in Mexico by traditional artisans. The sisters themselves split their time between New York and Mexico City. The Tokyo event is organized by hip Mexico City arts venue Pasaguero and ends this Sunday.

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