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The Shoe In: Are Clogs Now Chic?


The Kaiser has spoken, and evidenced from yesterday’s Chanel show, the word is clogs. While I myself love them, they can be a bit awkward to actually walk in and somewhat “Hey guys, wait up!” when it comes to cruising quickly on your feet through city streets. But really, what’s going on here? What was once reserved for surgeons in the O.R. and argumentative vegans has just been elevated to a new level. Is this Crocs crossover? Well, never mind, either way. If it’s good enough for Karl, bring it on. I mean, even the brides in that show were rocking a towering wooden platform. And remember that fringed and tasseled version last month at Alexander Wang? If you need to get your clog on now, check out this space-age winterized version from No. 6, a logo-laden stiletto from Gucci, or a braided style from the usual suspect, Frye. What do you think? Are you ready to bring back the clog?

Photo: Gianni Pucci/Go



  1. LMapes says:

    Clogs and mules are in the same family. I can’t wrap my head around either shoe. For the most part they’re dowdy and can be replaced by another more exciting piece of footwear. Say no to clogs.

  2. Maitecita says:

    IDK, We’ve been here before. I guess It would look chic with some bell bottoms.

  3. Makeup5 says:



  4. flightofthedreamer says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Please, everyone, don’t let this happen! I was OUTRAGED at KL’s reincarnation of these hippy/disco monstrosities! Not hate’n on Karl, but still!

  5. nic_chic says:

    I love this throwback to the 70′s. I never thought I’d say that but I do. I can picture the black ones on Mary Kate, easily.

  6. tealiss says:

    the clogs were the only part of the show that i didn’t absolutely love to death.

    oh well.

  7. MichelleLaBelle says:

    I absolutely love the rebirth of the clog! They’re chic, sexy and have that boho 70′s vibe. I prefer the heel of the Chanel ones out of all of the others, and to be honest I’m over the cow boy heel vibe I’m feeling from the Frye pair although they’re classic. I can picture myself already, but with a pair of Jonh Lennon sunnies to accessorize!

  8. 90210Farmgirl says:

    As a chef, I am obsessed with comfortable footwear. I discovered clogs in cooking school, but these sure are a far cry from Docs. Will be cooking up something HOT in these!

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