August 31 2014

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Tom Ford Is Back! (Ish)


When Tom Ford and Domenico De Sole left Gucci Group in 2004, it was a drawn-out and dramatic exit with endless fits and starts, news of which the fashion world breathlessly awaited, in almost daily updates from WWD. (This was the era P.B.—pre-blog. I can’t even imagine the Sturm und Drang that might pour forth if it happened today.) Their departure was an event of such epic proportions as to be worthy of a New Yorker “Shouts & Murmurs” spoof.

Today, WWD reports that Ford has finally confirmed on the record that he will indeed once again be a womenswear designer. Ford and De Sole are currently hunting for financing of $50 million or more. Though WWD cites earlier sources that put Ford looking to launch as early as Fall 2010, the designer now says he’ll need another 18 months to put his ducks in a row. If our math serves, that means if he gets financing by this coming January, his first collection would hit the runway in September or October 2011 with a Spring 2012 debut. (Unless he chooses to show on the Couture schedule in July. Don’t count that possibility out.)

Whatever the case, it still gives us ample time to muse about what Ford’s prodigal collection might look like. For starters, it’s the first time he’ll be designing women’s without a major brand to reinterpret or revive. In other words, pure Ford. So, will he out-sex Decarnin? Outclass Alber? Out-chic Philo? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Marcio Madeira



  1. Solen says:

    OMG!!!! This is my lucky day!! I was watching his last gucci show yesterday and it STILL gives me goosebumps!! He is a genius!!!

  2. tr_ro says:

    Outslut Donatella? Maybe?????

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