August 30 2014

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Will You Wear Spring’s Bodysuits?


Back in the mid-eighties, Donna Karan launched her simple dressing system, Seven Easy Pieces, and made black stretch-jersey bodysuits (along with leggings and strong-shouldered jackets) part of the modern woman’s uniform. That’s Paulina Porizkova and assorted other runway lovelies modeling the look for Spring 1986. Lately, the one-piece has been revived by Dov Charney’s American Apparel, partly, it seems, for the opportunity it gives him to produce leggy advertising campaigns. Now, the look seems to be crossing back over from low to high.

There’s no doubt that a leotard sans pants is sexy; see Alexander Wang‘s designs. But the bodysuit’s real appeal lies in its streamlined simplicity. Wear it solo for sleek lines, or layer on a blazer or a pencil skirt, as Francesco Scognamiglio and Hussein Chalayan did, respectively, on their Spring catwalks. Celine‘s Phoebe Philo and Stella McCartney, both champions of practical chic, showed one-pieces this season. And Karan herself put Sasha Pivovarova in a sleeveless version with a breezy skirt.

Click here for a slideshow, then tell us how you rate the bodysuit’s high-fashion makeover. Will you wear one?

Photo: Courtesy of Donna Karan



  1. SJIS says:

    Would NEVER wear a bodysuit. Too uncomfortable! Remember the bodysuits of the 19??’s. It was impossible to go to the bathroom. You had to strip off all your clothes to pee! Who needs a bodysuit! Why can’t some women just wear a tight revealing sweater. At least they’d be able to pee if they had too much wine! Also, too cold in early
    Spring to go bare-legged, too disgusting to do so in the big cities.
    These bodysuits look like see-through swimsuits – much better for the beach than regular wear!!

  2. steph_byars says:

    Bodysuits are awsome as layering peices, but I am not bold enough to wear one alone.

  3. Leedox says:

    I wouldn’t wear a bodysuit. It flattens the chest too much and then of course going to the toilet is a major drama. And I don’t think it even looks good on the models. If it doesn’t look good on them how am I going to wear it?

  4. fashionpicks says:

    only when I’m at my anorexic best!

    P Adhikari

  5. flightofthedreamer says:

    Of course I would, if I was 95-lb’s and 5’11.

  6. NotMod says:

    I would (not alone, obviously; as long as the piece does not look like my old gim wear). I always liked the super-controlled precise siluette these give, and currently there isn’t any in my drawers. This sping’ fashion is a great enabler.

  7. shawanda says:

    I like the _idea_ of a bodysuit but yes, a bit claustrophic at crucial moments. I won’t even remark on wearing one alone as that can’t seriously be what anyone would imagine any mere mortal would do.

  8. NotMod says:

    Hm… on the other hand: I know I will feel unusually ‘dressed’ at the beach next spring! Definitely no extra covers in the bag if somehow, somewhere, something like a one-piece qualifies as street-wear all by itself…

  9. AlexReckless says:

    I love how it looks on the models…
    but I can’t imagine it would look good on anyone els… I really look forward to the spring 10…

  10. motherandco says:

    Bodysuits are great in catwalks,fun in parties and the occasional festival but let’s be honest if you’re going to parade around like Lady Gaga,struggling your way to pee and risking a cup size that doesn’t look good then what’s the purpose?…i suggest, 3 buttons,yes i said 3 buttons by the lala front so you can run free and easy… but don’t push it otherwise you’ll look like you’re in ballet classes all the time!!

  11. annsingleton says:

    All of them are sooo great! and for sure I would like to wear a bodysuit, but I don’t think the society is ready fir this((

  12. AnnaDelGaizo says:

    wore a vintage donna karan bodysuit last night, as a matter of fact!

  13. Aletheia says:

    Bodysuits may be a number of “f” words: fattening and flattening, but flattering is not one of them. Not good for any woman with a bit of giggle in her upper thigh or any cellulite to hide.

  14. winChan says:

    well now they have body suit that have clip that u can open it from below tho…

  15. CristinaS says:

    I love how smooth they lie with pants or skirts! But I could never wear one alone. (Plus, I have not worn one since the 90′s. Don’t know how they’d look on my fleshier body.)

  16. grammyweezy says:

    Absolutely. I know they say you shouldn’t hop on a trend if you were around for the first time it was popular, but I was only in 2nd grade during my first bodysuit craze so I feel totally okay with sporting them now.

  17. sarahgarch says:

    Bodysuits are great if they have the snap crotch! This will enable you to go to the bathroom easily. I actually just ordered some from Chadwicks online! I feel so fashion forward. And I can’t wait to wear them under stuff for layering in the fall/winter.

  18. ckskelly says:

    only lady gaga can achieve it…
    but, does it mean anything more than a top if it is not worn alone?

  19. crislo says:

    I’d never wear a bodysuit. You need to have a perfect body or and a perfect pair of legs, your bomb has to be firm, otherwise it’d look like custards moving around…those kind of things are only permitted by the seaside, I guess

  20. NotMod says:

    Good point with the ‘F’ words…

    The things are not exactly egalitarian, are they! Could this possibly be a GOOD thing for the style?

    [you get the point: good design / bad design... everyone talks like that after a few gasses these days!]

  21. mhcp says:

    Marco Zanni formerly of Halston showed body suits in his first collection and the reviews were tepid… this fashion industry is desperate for something new that is old … the industry today is costume driven not by creativity but by MONEY.

  22. teresaslo says:

    ugh, they had snaps so you could go to the bathroom! at least the DK ones did…

  23. ohmyiilovefashion says:

    I would never wear a body suit alone, I’m a model size and don’t have cellulite and do like to try out various clothing. But to only wear a body suit and walk in the street would be dumb, guys would think it was so sexy they wouldn’t stop staring, even next to their wife.
    Lady Gaga can wear one on stage, that’s it.
    Apart from that I do like the look of a bodysuit paired with a skirt or a some pants.

  24. JLV_ says:

    I enjoy the ‘compromise’ of the bodysuit and shear skirt that Donna showed (slide 7). I think that’s something a little daring, yet still chic that would present well in the real world.

  25. ihartstyle says:

    I would definitely rock a bodysuit! But I think something more than tights is necessary…pants or jeans will look chic.

  26. thegorgeous says:

    I adore bodysuits! They are very elegant and chic at the same time..but still it’s needed to have a very slim body to wear them and can not get dark like wearing a bikini.

  27. kellystyle29 says:

    See running out of ideas again people….
    Check out my fashion blog

  28. kamris says:

    Does Beyonce get any credit here. Single Ladies video much?

  29. meganleone says:

    I love bodysuits! I only have 1 vintage one and would love to have more. So glad they are coming back. They work great with super low jeans.

  30. pkparkis says:

    Yippeee! I have been trying to find bodysuits for two years, searching the Internet high and low to no avail. I even looked for them in Munich when I was there last year.
    I will definitely wear them! They are form-fitting and stay “tucked in” They look chic, sleek, sexy and are practical because they snap under the crotch unlike leotards. They can be worn as a warm under layer that stays put.

  31. fashion_woman_lisa says:

    I love bodysuits. I just bought a [url=;sid=q0Fe5WV41CJW5C-IDPlDJzAo_RtD-eg-jDb5DE0hZkTan_CtpXX5DE0hnQYF9g==/]bodysuit at heine[/url], quite sexy, but I am too shy to wear it solo, so I prefer to wear it under an open blouse.

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