August 31 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Amber Valletta Takes The Wrap


Is it just us, or have recent red carpets been a sea of banded body-con frocks, strong-shouldered sequin minidresses, and other paparazzi-provoking looks? While we’re not immune to the appeal of a little (or even a lotta) va-va-voom, we have to applaud Amber Valletta for striking a blow for originality with this Etro wrap gown. The design is quite unlike the in-your-face wares currently out there and yet still of-the-moment—ethnic-inspired wares are a key Spring ’10 runway trend. Do you agree that Valletta’s pick is a refreshing change of pace? (And who are some of your other favorite fashion renegades?)

Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic



  1. Shessupersonic says:

    her style is amazingg.


  2. fashionpicks says:

    Looks like a night dress, like she just rolled out of bed, freshened up, made up her face and forgot to change into an outfit!

    P Adhikari.

  3. flightofthedreamer says:

    This could have been handled a lot better.

  4. styletime says:

    Love Amber in this dress — beautiful as usual! And I applaud her for stepping out of the norm of the body con dress — especially since she is someone who could pull it off flawlessly!

  5. tr_ro says:

    Nay… It is very customy, but it really looks like if she was comming out of the shower…

  6. KimPenelope says:

    I love that she has dared to cover up for Autumn, and the shape is gorgeous, but I think a different colour would have made it look less like an overly luxurious dressing gown.

  7. georginacookie says:

    I love the mood, somethings up with the front wrap though. She looks beautiful.

  8. Valerio says:

    She looks like a Greece woman of the past, but actually she makes a fool out of herself. This dress doesn’t fit her and if you see her socalled smile you know what I mean. She’s uncomfortable in this dress, so she have to hire another stylist, hahahah. Amber was a great model but she isn’t a trendsetter at all. Ciao

  9. stella7 says:

    could’ve used a severe hairstyle. dress isnt bad but its no wow.

  10. shawanda says:

    I think it looks great. Reminds me a bit of Tilda Swinton; someone who goes her own way, always.

  11. JohnAgee says:

    I’ve always liked her look: fresh-faced and more of a lady, not a sexpot. I think she looks lovely.

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