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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Balmainia, In Real Life


It’s not even the end of October, and we already feel as if we’ve seen every last dress from the Fall 2009 Balmain collection on the red carpet. Don’t believe us? Click here for a slideshow of Balmain babes on parade, from RiRi to Blake Lively.

Last night, though, Sienna Miller one-upped her fellow starlets, wearing look 8 direct from the Spring 2010 catwalk to the opening-night party for her Broadway debut, After Miss Julie. Christophe Decarnin’s hypersexy designs don’t always make an easy transition from runway to reality, and in this case, we’re not sure the usually style-setting Miller has pulled it off (something about the shoes). But what do you think? Yea or nay?

Photo: JP Pullos/Patrick



  1. tr_ro says:

    Nay… those shoes dont look good with the dress… and well, actually the dress is ugly and the whole collection is ugly LOL

  2. tr_ro says:

    By the way… really good slide show! My favorite was the white shirt with black skirt worn by Lauren Santo Domingo and the blue dress… the blue dress is BANANAS!

  3. guccilily says:

    I love the dress, and although she didnt go to big efforts to make this dress as stunning as it could be, she still looks amazing!!

  4. jrseguin says:

    this is a great case in the argument of pretentious label vs. real style. the dress is totally wearing her. XO JS

  5. couturecandy says:

    LOV LOVE LOVE the dress but she didnt pull it off. he hair and shoes should have been diff.

  6. artdeco5 says:

    The dress is ok, but the shoes should have been a strappy kind to go along with the shredded dress.

  7. anjelikahhhh says:

    Balmain had some interesting pieces that definitely captured my attention. However, this dress is totally wearing her not the other way around. If she had her hair down with a tease, sort of curly hair do with some leather or black suede platform pumps.. perhaps.. but other than that this rock n roll attire isn’t really working for her.


    The dress is stunning, as well as her hair. About the shoes, I agree she could have wore something more Wow, but the dress is already Wow enough, it would become over the top if she wore some shoes “à la McQueen” style.

  9. alb_flavia says:

    Fantastic fit. Hard to see any of these dresses on anyone who’s not a model, but by God, she wears it well….

  10. alb_flavia says:

    P.S. I believe Darya was wearing this on the runway. Yep, she looked majestic!

  11. alb_flavia says:

    or abbey lee…just kidding!

  12. max2622 says:

    Yea! I think this is a very sexy dress. Ms. Miller looks great in it. The shoes should defiantly be way more sexy. She should be wearing Nikolas Kirkwood.Or something very sexy at least.

  13. Lighthouse says:

    She looks lovely, although she should definitely have opted for different shoes. Great collection.

  14. georginacookie says:

    The problem is not the dress, its the shoes and hair, it looks too cocktail. She should have worn her usual hair and more edgy shoes or ankle boots.
    The dress is amazing, if Kate Moss wore it like this it would have worked.

  15. shantelle_madison says:

    Eh…well..i personally think that the whole thing is Ick! I mean look the shoes dont even match..(what would)

    I would like it if it was maybe a light blue and orang fading to eachother ..then orangr tights with blue shoes!

    But thats just me!* =)

  16. shawanda says:

    The dress is wearing her but it’d wear anybody. Yeah, shoes are def a nay & her hands and even her smile suggest she’s not as confident as she usually is.

  17. georginacookie says:

    It’s not the dress, the hair and shoes are wrong, she should have worn her hair as she usually does and some more interesting shoes or ankle boots………only Kate Moss can pull off a look like this.
    The dress is amazing.

  18. heej97 says:

    yay on the dress but nay on the shoes and not the best choice of dress on Sienna M!

  19. max2622 says:

    I say Yea! I love it. Loose the shoes, though.

  20. MsPomplemousse says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of Balmain…BUT I am getting sick of seeing the knockoffs everywhere … as for these ladies: save it! no need to wear out the look before it even hits stores

  21. rscharlie says:

    very futuristic space cadet. look at those huge shoulders! not many people can pull that off, if anyone.

  22. graciewangie says:

    i like it. she looks super.

  23. tee_cat says:

    nay foreal! she knows better than that..and besides, sienna is classic, and she can’t pull off some contemporary, even this extravagant! gheezz

  24. andreverde says:

    I probably would’ve done ankle boots and the hair down and messy

  25. ilovecookiesandcream says:

    wow that doesn’t look good

  26. YanaAddict says:

    nay! She looks quite strange and… plump, doesn’t she??

  27. caffeinerush says:

    No, I don’t think Sienna is working this look at all. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the dress itself, though, either…

  28. mercuryloge says:

    that was outfit 8 in the show, shown by the astonishing ms abbey lee – the following outfits veer so far towards overdone, shallow, shredded street styles, that it is difficult to see balmain beneath: 1, 4, 5, 7, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 24 – 26, 30, 34 & 36 – the other outfits are quite brilliant and original – still, not just anyone can wear them just anywhere … ! \,,/

  29. utrends99 says:

    is beutyful

  30. Lighthouse says:

    She looks quite lovely, although she should have opted for different shoes. It was quite a splendid collection.

  31. Leedox says:

    Abbey wore it better. Oi Oi Oi.

  32. menukjau says:

    Nay, Nay, Nay. All the stylists are choosing Balmain dresses for their stars. These dresses are hard to pull off unless you’re a size 0 model. This is proof that starlets these days only care about the label, they all lack real style.

  33. ameliajen says:

    yea, like the edgy lookxxx

  34. leesa says:

    this is just wrong!Killer DRESS, someone needs to kill”her” stylists! hair included… way to destroy multiple style icons in one fell swoop.boooo……

  35. teapea19 says:

    total and complete nay. plus, what’s up with the mom hair and make-up? it’s like come on sienna, are you even trying?

  36. teapea19 says:

    Total and complete NAY! and what’s up with the mom hair and make-up. it’s like, come on sienna, are you even trying?

  37. julian_garcia says:

    I think she looks amazing! Great look.

  38. Finedetails says:

    The usually fashionable Miller has just found herself looking like she just took off her ice skates…can we say Balmain for the Ice Capades? Hmmmmm….

  39. Gtgoon says:

    The dress looks pretty good on her but the hair, makeup and the shoes are all wrong. If you’re gonna wear a destoyed sequin minidress you have to do it with some p’zazz!

    Otherwise Ithink Balmain translated pretty well into real life. The girls wearing all look amazingly strong and sexy. Except for Pink though who made that $1k dress look like a $10 dress.

  40. Lighthouse says:

    I’ve noticed that you didn’t post my comment. I’d like to know what was wrong with it: I tried twice. Is it because it was positive?

  41. jconnors says:

    Hi Lighthouse, We definitely didn’t edit your comment b/c it was positive. We only delete spam and anything offensive. It seems to have not gone through. Please try again. And thanks for commenting!

  42. KimPenelope says:

    She obviously thought “I’m wearing a gorgeous (if slightly unwearable) dress, I best tone everything else down”… and she got it wrong.

  43. Signature says:

    hmmm, the dress is amazing, but Balmain to me seems too common now.

  44. K8SINC says:

    I sienna looks pretty good in this.
    I think some black platforms might have been better & maybe loose wavy/curly locks…but the hair pulled back isnt too bad x

  45. microberts says:

    Beautiful absolutely Beautiful, she is sooo stunning!!! I bet the guys love this she probably gets all the attention. Just lovely!!!=D

  46. JMBeyer says:

    I think that the shoes don’t follow the aesthetics of the dress and neither does the hair – it should be loose and a styled so that is disheveled a bit or left down in loose curls, not tightly up when the dress is made of cut-outs and uneven hemlines

  47. einnobbb says:

    Everything about Sienna in this picture makes me want to stick her in a little ballerina outfit – tutu and all. Not a slashed up, edgy, dazzling dress.

  48. Slacker says:

    I think the first comment said it all!! Sheena-Queen-of-the-Jungle si another sign of Nikkie running our of ideas and Ms Miller.. puuulizzzzzzzzz!!!!

  49. polkadot23 says:

    Not wild about the dress on her (I love it as a concept and could see it on Alexa Chung, for example, who is more sprite-like), but if she HAD to wear it cause she literally had nothing else in her wardrobe, if her cupboards were bare, I’d rather have seen her with her hair down, pref ripply wet look-ish, and as for the shoes… barefoot, with no toe nail varnish. Go for the whole forest creature look.

    I agree, great little slide show, tho, and my favourites are:
    Robin Wright Penn (DEFINITELY the right shoes!)
    Lauren Santa Domingo (ditto)

    Jazzy in the electric shock therapy blue dress: anything in that colour will knock black out of the running. Altho, we can’t see her shoes! ; )

    Nice little contest. Thanks for putting this together.

    jill @ streetstylelondon

  50. cphillis07 says:

    I suppose it just doesn’t look as dramatic as it’s supposed to be. On her small frame it looks weak. And I agree that her shoes and hair definitely need to be different.

  51. bossmama says:

    You know….this doesn’t work for me at all. I’m not sure why, but I think Balmain is too edgy for Sienna. Nice try, no cigar.

  52. 100mph says:

    Right. So I am a fan of the dress and of the entire collection in general, but in this case the dress is wearing her, rather than vice versa. No bag, No jewelry? It just doesn’t look personalized at all. And Ick! on simple black pumps.

  53. adhitawakal says:

    Yea for the dress, nay for the shoes. The shoes are too pretty and “tame” for this raw, sexy dress. Miller should’ve worn a pair of bold open-toe platform instead, like those from Ann Demeulemeester or Gucci Spring 2010, if not something from Balmain’s own. I wonder what Anna Wintour would say about this look that her “feistiest fashion icon” tried to pull off. Anyway, Miller’s still a great-looking star.

  54. adhitawakal says:

    I don’t really mind her hair, though. It’s pretty but doesn’t necessarily go with the dress (but does with the shoes). But I can’t instantly agree with her leaving her hair down and messy either. Sure, that would go well with the dress. But wouldn’t that be a direct rip-off from the runway? Had she done that, I believe critics would’ve lost faith in Miller’s style and originality.

  55. pippah says:

    Definitely a Nay! Those shoes kill the look completely… oh Sienna, what’s happened to you?

  56. shaunalex says:

    This collection has ruined the good name of The House of Balmain.

  57. shaunalex says:

    NAY…The dress looks as though its been thru a fire and gasoline has been spilled all over it. Where is the real Balmain?

  58. MariaIW says:

    Kind of , not as good as models did during catwalk. Lacking the right attitude. Not sure if want to be perceived as cute or edgy

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