August 20 2014

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Yea, Nay, or Eh: Miranda Kerr’s New Edge


Is it just us, or is Miranda Kerr dispensing with her sweet bombshell look in favor of experimenting with a somewhat edgier wardrobe? Kerr may have taken just one turn on the Balenciaga runway, but perhaps that’s all it takes to shift a sensibility. At any rate, the bouncy curls have been slicked down, and while she is showing a fair amount of leg, they’re shod in a rather mannish flat cowboy bootie. Word has it that Nicolas Ghesquière’s campaign will feature Kasia Struss and three other lesser-known models, none of which are Kerr. Perhaps she’s simply angling for another major Paris casting. Whatever the reason, we’re loving this playing-against-type evolution. What do you think of Kerr’s less sunshine-y look? Will it help this angel lose her wings to land in more high-fashion shows?

Photo: PhotoNews International Inc./FilmMagic



  1. styletime says:

    YAY! This girl looks awesome either way. Show those legs!!

  2. supersteff22 says:

    I’d love to see Miranda in the Balenciaga ads with Kasia (and this outfit’s great).
    On a sidenote, why doesn’t anyone ever credit with the news they break?

  3. flightofthedreamer says:

    If she’s keeps going about looking like this she won’t be in any fashion shows at all. I wouldn’t let this ensemble speak for her. It looks like she was still trying to dress while running out the door. We are all alowed our off days…once. I’ll be watchin’ MK!

  4. saint007 says:

    when you look like that you can pull off whatever you like! she looks great both ways..

  5. BlurpleStyle says:

    As much as I love the new edgy trend, this outfit is definitely a bleh. The top is very bland, and the shorts look a bit out of place, and the boots are just…awkward. Personally, I think that MK’s more usual “sunny” outfits match her soft, facial features more, and if she does want to evolutionize her style, then she should at least put more effort into it, instead of making her outfit look like something that she threw together at the last minute.

  6. julian_garcia says:

    I think any great model should be able to walk a Vivienne Westwood show and then go to a Seventeen magazine cover shoot right after. Regarding commercial fashion and high fashion, I don’t feel there should be a sacrifice for the other. I love that Kerr’s playing with her style and her image, and, besides, all angels should have a bit of edge.

  7. mercuryloge says:

    the great ms miranda kerr is, yikes, 26 ! – hence she will never be more than an occasional star appearer on the runway, anyway ! – she has already been associated with major fashion labels like roberto cavalli, blumarine, and rock & republic – hence she is likely long ago to have turned down opportunities to be a fashion runway model, in favor of more lucrative activity – mr nicolas ghesquiere loves to throw a star surprise into his line-up (natalia vodianova not long ago) – so it is unlikely that he expects to make a runway model of ms kerr – enjoy her on the runway while it lasts ! ms kerr was not even in the 1st 10 or last 5 of the line-up (“only” 13th), confirming that mr ghesquiere views her as little more than a surprise, throwaway, mid-show treat – needless to say, it’s extremely difficult to get into the balenciaga line-up, which is one of the few never to repeat a model in the same show, and which is heavily tilted toward established runway stars and superstars – this season, no less than 18 of the 34 women belong in this category, only 5 in the (very loose) category of “hot, new, but already prominent”, and only 9 in the “hot & very new” category – even in the latter category, 6 of the 9 are already at the forefront of their mini-group (bregje heinen, jacquelyn jablonkski, lisanne de jong, mirte mass & patricia van der vliet; the other 3 being jenny sinkaberg, rasa zukauskeite & marlena szoka); in the “hot, new, but already prominent” group, we respectfully place katie fogarty, anya kazakova, ginta lapina, alla kostromicheva & constance jablonski; established stars and superstars include 1st face kasia struss (hinting at the well-deserved choice for fall campaign !), elsa sylvan, magdalena fracowiak, freja beha erichsen, diana farkhulina, kori richardson, liu wen, alex sandor, chanel iman, edita vilkeviciute, siri tollerod, iselin steiro, hanne gaby odiele, sasha pivovarova, sheila marquez, karmen pedaru, egle tvirbutaite & iris strubegger ! finally, the marvelous gwen loos’ relatively few appearances place her in her own special category, since those appearances have been mainly for, errrr, chanel, balenciaga and valentino !! \,,/

  8. Meizitang says:

    Yea, Nay, or Eh: Miranda Kerr’s New Edge | style file | Meizitang

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