August 20 2014

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Yea, Nay, or Eh: Rihanna At Chanel


Some of your opinions have differed, but we’ve generally been pretty impressed with Rihanna’s Parisian ensembles so far this week. Sure, she likes trendy clothes from avant-garde designers, but she tones it down by wearing lots of black. That move isn’t brain surgery, but you’d be surprised. And in the inevitable battle of Fashion Versus Wearer that ensues when a celebrity borrows clothes from designers to wear to their shows, Riri more often than not comes out on top. That’s why we’ll forgive her strange misstep at Chanel this morning, when the pop star wore an ill-fitting bustier and skirt with a ridiculously heavy-looking tangle of chains, all topped off by a CC-emblazoned quilted muff-bag. Thoughts on the subject?

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images



  1. flightofthedreamer says:

    I rarely say this about her style, but over-accessorized as she is, I would totaly wear it! Luv it!

  2. tealiss says:

    maybe it’s just the lighting, but every time i see rihanna, i think she’s white. in ads, and especially here. what happened to her skin? it used to be such a pretty color.

  3. gbayly says:

    She’s great but i just think she tries a bit hard and that she would gain more respect if she chanelled (cheeky pun!) her own style instead of entire outfits copied from the runway.

  4. chicnoir says:

    This look isn’t bad but I’ve seen Rihanna look beter. I wish she would of worn a Chanel jacket with this ensamble.

    her makeup is too heavy.

  5. Amina65 says:

    Definitely ill fitting, and she doesn’t have the legs or body for that outfit. She should wear a fuller skirt.

  6. Welina says:

    I think, she looks according to the show mood. And: better than some of the models in the show. Definitely!
    The muff-bag is strange here…

  7. paty1505 says:

    If she had long hair she would’ve been picture-perfect

  8. jA_1 says:

    as far as pop star goes…
    nailed it.
    how many people can pull off the ensemble is the better question! Not many. But this sweetie looks tres chic.

  9. shop4promdotcom says:

    Chanel is not just about the brand, it is about how the wearer is living the outfit. Coco said : “The poetry of fashion lies in creating illusion.” The illusion Rhianna is creating is that of a hooker on struttin her butt down Sunset Blvd.

    A sheer organdy shrug would have made the look ‘bare-able’

  10. sophierose22 says:

    She looks really uncomfortable & awkward and the clothes look too small for her. Not at all flattering just a bit tacky!

  11. Resh says:

    I say she’d look amazing minus the chains


  12. shawanda says:

    Another miss.

  13. Original_Sophie says:

    Meh, messy. It looks like she was off to a good start but then just went terribly wrong….

  14. opinion says:

    the look is brilliant, very balanced. if only she had bought the clothes in her OWN size…

  15. hahahehe says:

    i d be less crazy if she wore anything less crazier, lovin the accessories

  16. adhitawakal says:

    Ridiculous hair. Yes, her chains are weighing her down. Her boobs are about to pop out. The bustier, the skirt, the accessories, the hair … nothing matches the other. And I don’t think Riri “more often than not comes out on top”. She looked like a stripper-cum-S&M freak in her Good Girl Gone Bad tour. And some people compare her with Beyonce? Please …

  17. NotMod says:

    This cannot be fair treatment, no matter what the woman’s taste might be like. Where did the film broke?

  18. NotMod says:

    The photographer must be as merciless as that skirt. Make it fair!

  19. evanvoast says:

    Fail. Fail. Fail. EPIC FAIL. Spending a lot of money and/or buying from a kick ass designer does not ensure that it will look good. Ditto what gbayly said.

  20. NotMod says:

    By all means, of curse, you bet…

  21. futurefashionzoey says:

    i don’t like the top. not best rihanna choice!

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